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Pickpockets, brigands and thieves often prefer to live life in the shadows of Britannia, stealthily earning a living off the pockets and chests of others. A skilled thief can steal from monsters, chests, NPCs and other players.

Using Stealing
There are two methods by which a pickpocket may approach his trade; directly or randomly.
To randomly steal an item:
  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
  • Target a container, creature, NPC or player.
  • If successful, a random item from your target appears in your backpack.
    To approach stealing a bit more selectively:
  • Use the Snooping skill to peek inside a container or backpack.
  • Select the specific item to steal and drag the item into your inventory.
  • If successful, the item is moved to your inventory.

    Note: You must be a member of the Thieves' Guild or at war with your target's guild to steal from other players. Joining the Thieves' Guild requires 60 points of Stealing and 500 gold given to the Thief Guildmaster.

    A skilled pickpocket should be both dexterous and clothed in a minimal amount of armor. It's rather hard to reach into someone's pocket when clanking about in plate mail. Success and failure are not absolute for a thief. Possible outcomes to stealing include:

    There are four possible outcomes to stealing:
  • True Success: you get the item and are not noticed
  • Partial Success: you get the item, but are noticed
  • Partial Failure: you do not get the item, but are not noticed
  • Total failure: you do not get the item, and your attempt is noticed

    If noticed in an attempt to steal, the guards may be called on you, and their method of justice is to swing first and ask questions later. It is also important to note that for two minutes after stealing, a Thieves' Guild thief is freely attackable by anyone in the area. In towns, the proscription against starting fights still applies, so even Thieves' Guild members are safe from random attack, even if everyone knows of their affiliation. As mentioned above, you won't be able to steal from other players unless you are a member of the Thieves' Guild, or unless the target is an opponent in a guild war. You can join the Thieves' Guild in the usual manner by finding a Thief Guildmaster and asking him to join. There is an entrance fee and several entrance requirements. Your character must have adventured in the world for at least one week, must not have any murders to his name, and must have already demonstrated proficiency in Stealing (60 skill minimum). The requirements to stay in the guild are stringent as well. Once you join the guild, you cannot leave for one week, unless ejected from the guild. Thieves' Guild members cannot report murders, and thus could be considered "freely" attackable anywhere in the world (except in justice regions, and they can even be attacked in justice regions if they steal from another player).
    Felucca Dungeons and Lost Lands Areas
    When stealing from innocents, thieves will only be able to steal gold and gems in the Dungeon/Lost Lands areas of Felucca. Thieves will continue to be able to use the full range of their thieving abilities against consensual-pvp opponents (guild wars, order/chaos, factions).
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Pickpocket
    Skill Used by: Use item (steal it) or through Skill List
    Trainers: Thief Guildmaster
    Primary Stat: Dexterity
    Secondary Stat: Intelligence
    Handy Additional Skills for Pickpockets:
    Hiding - It is often necessary to make a quick getaway into the shadows.
    Stealth - Once hidden in the shadows, a pickpocket can sneak away from a target.

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