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"Shhh! Quit pointing at me! I'm being stealthy!"

The shadows of Britannia grow long, and may offer safety and cover to those with skill in Stealth. The person skilled in the ways of Stealth may learn to hide his movements.
Using Stealth
To use the Stealth skill to move silently throughout the lands:
  • Hide (click the blue gem next to the Hiding skill on your skill list).
  • Once you have hidden successfully, click the blue gem next to the Stealth skill on your skill list.
If successful, you can walk a small distance while remaining hidden. Your character appears gray to you as long as you remain hidden. Running, or any act that would normally reveal you from Hiding, also reveals you while using the Stealth skill.

The number of steps your character can take while using the Stealth skill is equal to your Stealth score divided by 5. So, if your Stealth skill is at 80, you will be able to take 16 steps before becoming unhidden.

Because stealthy movement requires a knowledge of hiding and moving within shadows, you must be skilled in the art of hiding before you find success at stealthy movement. To begin learning Stealth, you must have a Hiding skill of 30 or greater.

Hint: Mastering Stealth requires agility and flexibility. The heavier and more cumbersome your armor, the more difficult you will find it to move in stealth. Sneaking about in a full suit of plate mail is never going to be easy ...
Additional Information
Professional Title: Rogue
Skill Used by: Skill list
Trainers: Ranger Guildmaster, Thief, Thief Guildmaster (You must have 30 Hiding before you can begin training Stealth)
Primary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Skill (may improve while using Stealth): Hiding
Handy Additional Skills for Rogues:
Hiding - A high skill in Hiding is necessary for traveling with stealth.
Detecting Hidden - A wise rogue always searches the nearby shadows for others. Use Detecting Hidden to find others hiding or sneaking in your area.

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