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"Fear me! I am a master swordsman! I dance with my finely polished blade! I swing grand arcs above my head! I twirl my sword with grace and... ouch!"

The fine art of Swordsmanship is a skill to be admired. Employing neither the wallop-on-the-head approach of the mace fighter, nor the pinging, poking thrust of the fencer, the swordsman knows the near-silent whistle of polished metal slicing the air - and other, less vaporous things ...
Using Swordsmanship
Your Swordsmanship skill is checked automatically each time you enter combat equipped with a sword, bardiche, halberd, or weapon of similar type. A high skill in Swordsmanship improves the chance that your blow will hit an opponent, rather than whistling through the air.
To use your Swordsmanship skill, enter War mode with a Sword-type weapon in your hands and double-click an opponent.
A wide variety of weapons use the Swordsmanship skill - you can see which skill a weapon uses by moving your mouse over it and reading the tooltip. In addition, each weapon has two special moves that a skilled Swordsman may perform - see Special Moves for details.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Swordsman
Skill Used by: Automatic when in combat
Trainers: Bard, Bard Guildmaster, Blacksmith, Fighter, Healer, Jailor, Mercenary, Noble, Paladin, Pirate, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Sailor, Warrior, Warrior Guildmaster, Weapons Trainer, Weaponsmith
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Skill (may improve while in combat): Tactics, Anatomy
Handy Additional Skills for Swordsmen:
Tactics - An effective fighter throughly studies the arts of war.

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