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"For your first lesson in Tactics, go stand in front of that dragon and wave your arms above your head while I stand back here and shoot arrows. All right?"
Using Tactics
Tactical skill is the common sense of the fighting adventurer, and thus is not 'used' in the traditional sense. A high skill in Tactics increases your proficiency with any type of weapon, allowing you to deal more damage in combat.
This skill increases naturally over time, as each battle you fight is a lesson in tactics.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Warrior
Skill Used by: Automatic while in combat
Trainers: Blacksmith, Fighter, Mercenary, Monk, Noble, Ocllo Cashual, Paladin, Pirate, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Sailor, Warrior, Warrior Guildmaster, Weapons Trainer, Weaponsmith
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Dexterity

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