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Taste Identification
"Does this milk taste bad to you?"

There are few more perilous jobs in the world than that of "official taster." But in Britannia, with a bit of skill in Taste ID, you can both protect yourself from "accidental" poisoning and keep track of your potions and potion kegs.
Using Taste ID
To use Taste ID to determine the contents of a potion or potion keg, or to test your food for inadvertent poisoning:
  • Click the blue gem next to the Taste ID skill on your skill list.
  • Target the potion or food you wish to taste.
  • If successful, you are told what type of potion you tasted, or, if you tasted food, whether it is poisoned.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Chef
    Skill Used by: Skill list
    Trainers: Alchemist, Baker, Cook, Farmer, Herbalist, Ocllo Cashual
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Strength
    Handy Additional Skill for Chefs:
    Alchemy - Knowledge of potion tasting is always a handy skill for the local alchemist.

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