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"I sense there are trees nearby."
"We're in a forest."

The art of following a target across great distances by tracking its passage is the basis of the Tracking skill in Ultima Online. With skill in Tracking, you may track the movement and location of animals, monsters and other players within the world.
Using Tracking
To use your Tracking skill to track the location of a nearby monster, animal or player:
  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
  • Choose monster, animal or player from the category list that appears.
  • A menu with specific choices appears. Select your tracking choice from this list.
If you are successful, you are told in what direction the creature can be found. As your skill in Tracking increases, it becomes easier to successfully track targets and you can sense their location over a greater distance.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Ranger
Skill Used by: Skill list
Trainers: Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Dexterity

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