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Using Wrestling
Your Wrestling skill is checked automatically each time you attempt hand-to-hand combat. The skill determines the frequency of your attacks, as well as the amount of damage you deal when striking an opponent.

Hint: Mages not interested in gaining Wrestling skill would be wise to keep their spellbooks in their hands when in battle, rather than in their backpack. To use your Wrestling skill, enter War mode with nothing in your hands and double-click an opponent.
Special Moves
When unarmed, wrestlers have access to two special moves: Disarm and Paralyzing Blow. For more info, see the Special Moves section.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Wrestler
Skill Used by: Automatic when fighting hand-to-hand
Trainers: All NPCs
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Skill (may improve while wrestling): Tactics, Anatomy
Handy Additional Skills for Wrestlers:
Anatomy - A knowledge of anatomy will enable the wrestler to more effectively target his opponent's vulnerable areas.
Tactics - An effective fighter throughly studies the arts of war.

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