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Profession Templates
When you create a character, the first thing you have to do is select a profession. You are presented with eight choices at first: Samurai, Ninja, Paladin, Necromancer, Warrior, Magician, Blacksmith, and Advanced (customized in the SA client). If you are just starting out, you should avoid the Advanced option for now.

The choice between Samurai, Ninja, Paladin, Necromancer, Warrior, Magician, and Blacksmith will be determined by the style of play you prefer. If you are interested in being a typical fantasy adventure hero who engages in frequent combat with monsters while wearing armor and using weaponry, then Warrior or Paladin is the choice for you. If you prefer defeating your foes using powerful spells, then you may want to choose the Magician or Necromancer template. If you are intrigued by honorable combat, then the Samurai may be for you. Those who enjoy defeating their enemies with speed and stealth will want to try the Ninja. If you are more interested in chatting, social interaction, or the peaceful life of a merchant or tradesperson you should choose Blacksmith. Press the appropriate button to make your choice.

Samurai (Symbol: Samurai helm)
The Samurai is an elite warrior who seeks to achieve perfection through battle. They strike with great accuracy, can handle multiple opponents, and have mastered the art of parrying with weapons.
Starting Equipment: Hakama-Shita, Tattsuke-Hakama, Hakama, Leather Jingasa, Waraji and Tabi, Book of Bushido, Bokuto, 50 bandages, scissors, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Samurai

Ninja (Symbol: Shuriken)
The Ninja is an assassin who uses stealthy tactics and summons deadly magic in combat to confuse and weaken their enemy. Most Ninja focus on speed and stealth at the expense of brute strength.
Starting Equipment: Hakama-Shita, Tattsuke-Hakama, Kasa, Ninja Tabi, Book of Ninjitsu, Tekagi, Smoke Bomb, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Ninja

Paladin (Symbol: Plumed helm)
As a holy warrior, the Paladin uses divine power to heal wounds, cure poison and disease, lift curses, improve his fighting abilities, and assist fellow adventurers in the fight against darkness and evil.
Starting Equipment: Broad sword, plate gloves, plate gorget, chain legs, helm, blue cloak, blue sash, thigh boots, 50 bandages, a full Book of Chivalry, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Paladin

Necromancer (Symbol: Dark energy)
The Necromancer practices the dark arts and can inflict pain, pestilence, cold, and vile curses against his hapless foes. His power comes from the wide range of spells and curses available to him.
Starting Equipment: Bone Harvester (weapon), sandals, long skirt, 50 of each Necromancy reagent, a Tome of Necromancy with a few low level spells, some leather armor (cap, tunic, sleeves, gloves, and gorget), and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Necromancer

Warrior (Symbol: Crossed swords)
Warriors are physically the toughest of adventurers, battling their foes in all-out, hand-to-hand combat. Such individuals require great strength to wear heavy armor and survive battles with dangerous foes.
Starting Equipment: Thigh boots, katana, studded leather tunic, studded leather gorget, studded leather leggings, studded leather sleeves, studded leather gloves, helm, 50 bandages, scissors, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Warrior

Mage (Symbol: Wizard's hat)
Magicians prefer to avoid any sort of physical combat. Instead, they use a powerful array of magical spells to attack opponents, and protect themselves. A skilled magician is a formidable opponent. The key to playing a magician successfully is keeping track of your mana. As mana levels get too low, run away and meditate, or at least rest. A mage with no mana is a sitting duck.
Starting Equipment: Shirt, pants/skirt, shoes, mage's hat, robe, spellbook, 50 of each spell reagent, 3 random spell scrolls, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Mage

Blacksmith (Symbol: Anvil)
The blacksmith's job is to locate and mine ore, smelt it into ingots, and forge the ingots into weapons and armor to sell at shops or to other players. The blacksmith should find a public smithy to use initially in order to create ingots and forge them into equipment. The most skilled of these craftsmen can create items of exceptional quality and durability, inscribing them with a maker's mark as a sign of the smith's prowess.
Starting Equipment: Shirt, pants/skirt, smith's hammer, leather gloves, tinker's kit, pickaxe, 50 iron ingots, apron, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Blacksmith

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