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New Haven and Young Status
Visiting New Haven

New Haven is a city where players can learn "the ropes" of Ultima Online. Since all new players entering the world will need to become comfortable with their new skills, New Haven provides a safe venue where that can be done. When you feel comfortable with the basics, you can choose to learn the more advanced features of the game.

Sometimes experienced players will leave items in the middle of the city to help out new citizens. If you don't see any on your first trip to New Haven check back later on you may get a great item at no charge.

In New Haven, you will often be able to find experienced players willing to show you the ropes. If you can't figure out how to do something, feel free to ask nearby players for assistance, as most are more than willing to give you advice or lend a helping hand. In addition to these players, Haven will have smarter NPCs (Non-Player Characters) than the rest of Britannia. Non-Player Characters are characters that are operated by computer, rather than by human players. If asked, they will be able to give clear directions, and if you are at the correct station, they will be able to give you instruction on how to use a skill. For instance, if you wish to learn how to blacksmith, the Haven blacksmith could provide you with tools, materials, and basic instructions.

Hint: To seek out instruction in a particular skill, find its associated NPC by double-clicking the NPC to view its paperdoll. For example, to learn about blacksmithing, seek out the NPC blacksmith in Haven and ask him (or her) to teach you about blacksmithing.

Being Young
When you set foot in Britannia for the very first time, you will be considered a "young" player and be granted certain privileges and rights as such. Shards like Siege Perilous and Mugen (Siege shards) are shards for advanced players only. Players with "Young" status cannot access them. This status grants you certain forms of protection unavailable to more experienced players, including:
  • Young players may not damage other players, nor may other players damage young players.
  • Monsters that would normally react in a hostile manner will not attack young players unless they are quest monsters. (you will receive a message in your journal if a monster wants to attack you so you can learn which monsters are hostile)
  • Young players will be teleported to a healer upon dying and will retain any belongings.
  • Young players can insta-log anywhere.
  • Young players may not loot monsters they did not kill for two minutes after the death of the monster.
  • Other players may not loot monsters killed by young players.
  • Young players may not steal from other players or NPCs.
Losing Young Status

"Young" status is affected by your total playtime with your account, and is not calculated on a per-character basis. A player loses their "Young" status if they spend more than 40 hours logged into UO and have more than 450 total skill points.

Players can also end their "Young" status by saying the words, "I renounce my young player status".

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