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Character Window
The Character Window is also called your Paperdoll. All the information about your character, as well as most of the game options, is accessible from your Character Window. To open the Character Window, double-click on your character or click on the paper doll button. The Character Window, as well as all information windows in the game, can be closed by right-clicking it. All such windows in the game can be moved by clicking and dragging them to another location on your screen. Many can be minimized by clicking on the minus sign (-) on the window.

Your Character Window displays your character's full name, including profession, and any titles you may have. Your name will also reflect your reputation (the reputation system is explained further along in the playguide).

The Character Window shows a close-up view of your character, including the clothing and armor you're currently wearing, or any weapons or tools you're currently wielding. Hover the cursor over any tool, weapon, or other item to identify it.

To remove an item on your person in the Character Window, click and drag it to your Backpack or to the ground. To equip an item, drag it onto your paperdoll. It will automatically be placed in the correct slot for that item.

Some items, such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings, may be difficult to see on your paperdoll. For ease of wearing and removing these items, they will be visible in the small equipment slots located to the left of your paperdoll.

Note: Certain items and actions may require that you have one or both hands empty. Check your paperdoll if you have difficulty equipping or using an item.

Everything you're carrying that you're not wearing or wielding is in your Backpack. Double-click on the Backpack to the right of your character in the Character Window to open your Backpack and display its contents. After you open the backpack, you can add and remove items by dragging them to and from your Backpack. If you have many items, it may prove difficult to select the item you wish. The best way is to move the cursor until the item you want is highlighted. In the SA client, you can organize your backpack in a list, sections, or like the 2D client.

Your backpack may also be accessed by clicking the Inventory button on your character window, or by using the Alt-I macro shortcut.

Special Move Book - Immediately to the right of your Backpack is your Special Move book. Double-click the book to open it. This book allows you to perform several weapon-specific Special Moves - every weapon has two Special Moves associated with it. The two Special Move Icons will change depending on what weapon you are currently wielding. To execute a special move, double-click it. The Special Move will be attempted when you next attack your opponent. You can drag the two Special Move Icons onto your desktop for easy access to your Special Moves.

Party - The Party scroll is the rightmost scroll to the lower left of your paperdoll. It opens the party system manifest. You may use this manifest to invite others into your party, to communicate with your party, disband from your party, and control whether party members may loot your corpse. For additional information on the party system, click here.

Profile - The Profile scroll is the leftmost scroll to the lower left of your paperdoll. You may fill this page with any information about your character that you wish to be public knowledge. To do so, click on the profile screen and start typing. Other players viewing your character window may open the profile and read it at any time.

Note: Profane and abusive profiles are a violation of the Ultima Online Terms of Service and may result in action against your account.

Character Window Buttons
There are a number of commonly used buttons located to the right of your paperdoll in your character window.

Help - The Help button opens the help system menu. Should you find yourself in a situation where you have questions about the game, about the rules of Ultima Online, or are having problems of any sort, you may use this menu to find answers to your questions or request assistance from game staff. Options - The Options button opens an extensive menu of options to customize your game screens, sounds, and other functions. For a full description of the options menu, click here.

Logout - This button will disconnect you from the game and return you to the Main menu. Your in-game character will remain in the game for five minutes after you log out. Your character will fight back if attacked, but only melee. This function exists so unscrupulous characters will not be able to unfairly escape dangerous situations simply by breaking their internet connection.

If you log out by using your camping skill, or log out while at an inn or in your house, your character will disappear from Britannia immediately and will not be subject to the five minute log-out timer.

Journal - The Journal button opens a scroll-shaped window that contains a written record of your most recent conversations and actions during the current play session. You can resize the Journal window by clicking on the tab at the bottom, then adjusting the size of the white outline. Clicking on the padlock icon will lock the visible text in place until you click on the padlock again.

Inventory - The Inventory button opens your backpack. Typing ALT-I will also open your backpack.

Skills - The Skills button opens a window listing all your skills and their ratings. Skills are arranged by category: Miscellaneous (craft skills), Combat Ratings, Actions, and Lore and Knowledge. Click on a category to display your ability with all the skills it contains. If you wish to group together the skills you use most often, click on New Group at the bottom of the skills scroll. You may then drag any skills you wish into the new group.

Once you establish the new group, you can rename it by highlighting the words New Group and typing over them. You may make multiple new groups if you wish. You may delete any of the four default groups by completely emptying it of all the skills it originally contained.

Many of the skills listed have a blue jewel next to their listing. The jewel indicates that in order for the skill to be used, it must first be evoked from this scroll. To evoke a skill, open the scroll and click on the blue gem.

For additional information about managing skills and general information on individual skills, click here.

Guild - The Guild button opens up the Guild interface. If you're already in a guild, this interface will allow you to access various guild related functions. If you're not in a guild, you can create one here. For additional information on the guild system, click here. Peace/War - The Peace/War button will toggle your character from Peace mode to War mode and vice versa. Additional details on fighting and war mode may be found in the Combat section of this guide.

Status - The Status button opens a window displaying your character's vital statistics. Hover your mouse cursor over each section of the status window for a brief description.

The Quick Menu - The Quick Menu allows immediate access to common commands from a permanent location atop your game window. Clicking on any of the buttons will toggle the commands described above. There are a few additional buttons that you won't find on your Character Window:

Map - This button opens an overhead image or your immediate area. Your location within the map is noted by a single white dot. You may toggle between small and large map windows by clicking the Map button or press ALT + R. Note that the Map button option is only available from the Character Window in the 3D client. In the Renaissance client you may use the ALT-R option to view the map.

Chat - The Chat button opens the chat system interface. For additional information on the chat system, click here.

Codex of Wisdom - The Codex of Wisdom contains information about various aspects of Ultima Online. You can also search through the Codex of Wisdom by using the Search button.

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