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Moving Your Character
The first thing you'll want to do is learn how to move around. Practice in the area near where you were placed in the game, as you will be inside town and safe from any harm.

Walking Around
In Ultima Online, you move your character by right-clicking. Place your cursor over a point on in the gameplay window and right-click. You will turn to face and take a step towards the cursor.

Continual Movement
Holding down the right mouse button and left-clicking once will put you into continual motion, in the direction your mouse cursor is pointing. Or you can place your cursor some distance away in the direction you want to go and right-click and hold the right button down. You will keep moving in the direction of the cursor until you either release the button or run into something. The farther you move your mouse from your character while moving, the faster they will move.

Opening Doors
Before you may move through a doorway or gate, the door or gate must be open. To open a door or gate, double-click on it. If the door is locked, you will receive a message stating so.

You can run during continual movement. The further the cursor is from your character, the faster your character will move. To move at a slow stroll, keep the cursor an inch or so away from your character. To sprint, move the cursor out to the edge of your window.

Note: You may set your character to always run by using the Options menu available from your character window. Keep in mind, however, that running depletes your stamina faster than walking.

Hold down the ALT key and left-click on another character to follow that character wherever he or she goes. Note that if you fall too far behind the other character (due to crowds, combat, or rough terrain) the 'Follow' command will cancel itself automatically. To stop following, hold the ALT key and click on your character.

Long Distance Travel
The world of Britannia is quite vast, and composed of multiple facets or land areas. To ease travel over long distances, adventurers may opt to use spells, runes, or moongates. For more information on spells and runes, click here.

Moongates, appearing as glowing blue portals, can be found throughout Britannia and may be used to travel between Felucca, Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas and the Tokuno Islands.

To use a moongate, walk through the glowing blue portal. You will be presented with a menu of options. Choose the facet to which you wish to travel, and then choose the location within the facet. You will be transported from the nearest moongate to your chosen location. There are many static moongates to choose from, each labeled with the town name or other important landmark they are closest to.

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