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Communicating With Others
Talking to Others
Most of your communication in Ultima Online will be done by "talking" or by way of normal communication. In UO, speaking to other players is as simple as typing. Whatever you type on your keyboard will appear above your character's head. Your speech will be heard (seen) by anyone on the same screen. There are also chat and messenger features you can use. There are additional keystrokes that allow you to use speech in specific ways; to yell or to whisper.

Emote - Voice inflection is not easily translated by typing; however, UO allows you to emote your feelings. By typing a colon ":" followed by a space, your text entry will be emoted. Your "emote" will be surrounded by asterisks and will be a different color than your normal speech. Emotes (emotions) allow you to suggest an action that your character is doing to immerse yourself in the environment. *kicks dirt* *twirls hair* *sighs* Many players also set up macros for common emotes, such as smiles, laughs, grins, frowns, etc.

Whisper - Use a semi-colon ";" followed by a space (e.g., ; Psst, wanna buy a chicken?). Whispered text can only be "heard" by characters immediately adjacent to you.

Yell - Use an exclamation point "!" followed by a space (e.g., ! HELP!). Yelled text can be "heard" by any character up to a screen and a half away.

Talking With NPCs
Before you can talk to NPCs, you must first get their attention. Thus, everything you ask NPCs must include their name. To get the name of an NPC hover the cursor over him or her. With vendors or shopkeepers, you need only employ their job title. For example, if you wish to buy something from a Vendor, get physically close to one and say, "Vendor buy." If, for some reason, the vendor ignores you, then you might want to preface "buy" with the vendor's name, or you may click the vendor to access a menu of interactions.

As the example above also illustrates, you don't have to speak in complete sentences when you address NPCs. You can ask NPCs about things like the time and locations of places nearby.

Training From NPCs - When you're a new player, one way to jump start your progress in a given skill is to pay for training from an NPC. To obtain training in the basic professions, go to a shop related to that profession. Then, get physically close to the NPC shopkeeper or tradesman, and say, "[name of NPC] train," or click on the NPC to get a menu of possible interactions, and select Train. The NPC will then tell you the various skills he is qualified to teach. Pick the one you're interested in and say, "[name of NPC] train [name of skill]." The NPC will give you a price to teach you all he or she can. To train in that skill, drag an appropriate amount of gold onto the vendor to pay him or her. You can pay less and get less than the full training the NPC can offer.

Vendors - There are two kinds of vendors: Player-owned vendors and NPC shopkeepers. Player-owned vendor NPCs allow players to sell things to other players, even when they're not logged in. Vendors are indestructible and will not move from the site where they are placed (as long as they are paid). NPC shopkeepers are also called vendors, and are usually found in shops within town.

Interacting With Vendors - To talk to a vendor, the greeting and action must be on the same line ("Vendor buy"). Greetings include the vendor's name or title.

Valid Requests Include:

Buy: The vendor will display his inventory so you can browse his goods and ask you to target the item to buy. A prospective customer can use Arms Lore or Item Identification on the items. The gold is removed from your inventory if you are carrying it, or from the bank if you're not. If you are the owner, he will tell you that you don't need to buy the items. NOTE: when buying from a player-owned vendor, gold can always be withdrawn from the bank. When buying from an NPC shopkeeper, only gold for purchases over 2000 gp may be drawn from the bank.

Sell: Players can sell items to NPC shopkeepers who are interested in buying them. Usually you'll need to find a vendor who is already selling what it is you're trying to sell.

Train: This will prompt the NPC to offer you a list of skills they can teach.

Train (skill): This will prompt the NPC to tell you the price to train in a specific skill they teach. To train in that skill, drag an appropriate amount of gold onto the vendor to pay him or her. You can pay less and get less than the full training the NPC can offer.

Status/Info: If you are the owner of a player-owned vendor, the vendor will describe his status, including how much gold he's holding, how much he charges per day, and how many more days he will continue working, assuming nothing changes.

Collect/Gold/Get: If you are the owner, the vendor gives you all the gold he's collected from purchases. For more information on player vendors, click here.

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