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Environment Manipulation
Identifying And Picking Up Items
To identify an item, hover the cursor over the item until the item properties box appears. To pick up an item, click and drag it over to your character or your backpack. You can also hold Ctrl + Shift will bring up "tags" in the 2d client to move objects. You can release it over your character, drag it directly to your Backpack window, or drag it to the Backpack on your Character Window, if either is open.

Because some items in the game are very small, and might be difficult to click on them precisely. Items in your inventory will highlight when your mouse is in the correct position to click on them.

Using Items
Double-click on an item to use it. For example, double-click on a book to open and read it. Double-click on food to eat it.

Many items require a series of actions. For example, a miner double-clicks on his pick axe, which turns his mouse cursor into an aiming circle that he moves over the portion of rock he wishes to mine. He then single-clicks to mine the site he's selected.

Sometimes you will need to use one item on another item. For example, you might need to use a spinning wheel to change wool into yarn. In this case, you would double-click on the raw material, the wool, and then single-click on the item being used, the spinning wheel. The wool will become yarn. Any time you try to use an item that requires multiple stages or other items, the game will prompt you for the next step.

Dropping Items
You can remove items from your inventory and drop them almost anywhere on the screen near your character. If, for some reason, the item can't be dropped in the location you've selected, either an error noise will sound or the item will return to your inventory.

A dropped item will stay where it is until it deteriorates naturally or someone picks it up. Dropped items don't tend to stay around for long.

Stacked Items
Some items in the game, notably gold, can be stacked. This means that all the items of that type in your inventory can appear, and be moved around as a single item. If you want to do something with only a portion of the total items in a stack, click and drag the stacked objects in your Backpack to whomever or wherever you want it. This brings up a window showing the quantity in the stack, with a slider that allows you to adjust the quantity you wish to move. To change the quantity, slide the blue stone on the right side of the slider to the left. You can also type the number in that you would like to manipulate. The amount you select will remain on your cursor, and the remainder will be returned to your inventory. To move the entire stack at the same time, hold down the Shift key while you drag the stack.

The zoom feature is only available in the Enhanced Client. You can zoom in and out by two different means.

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