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Britannia is divided into five distinct areas known as facets: Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar, Malas and the Tokuno Islands. Each facet may have different rules and regulations governing gameplay.

Trammel, the facet on which all new players begin, is focused on player versus monster combat. Except under certain circumstances, such as guild wars, players on the Trammel facet may not attack each other. All player versus player combat is consensual, meaning that the players involved must have actively pursued gameplay options to facilitate this type of combat.

Ilshenar, Malas and the Tokuno Islands are governed by the same rules as Trammel. Player versus monster combat is the norm, and player versus player (or PvP) combat is consensual only.

Felucca, the original facet of Britannia, allows active player versus player gameplay. This means that if you are on the Felucca facet and are outside of a guard zone (inside town, around moongates, etc), you may be freely attacked and may freely attack other players. Keep in mind, you are responsible for the consequences of your actions, and actively pursuing player versus player combat may result in a negative reputation or karma.
War mode and Fighting
Aggressive combat takes place in Britannia only when you are in "War mode". To enter war mode, click on the "Peace" button to the right of your paperdoll. Your cursor will turn red in color. Double-clicking on an enemy will then cause you to engage in combat.

To leave War mode, click the same button. There is a delay of a few seconds on how often you can switch between Peace and War modes.

Be extremely careful when targeting while in war mode! Double-clicking on an NPC or another player, while in the Felucca facet, will count as an attack against them, whether or not you actually make contact with the target. This may cause you to be flagged as a criminal ("gray") and other players will be able to kill you without repercussion for a short period.

For more information on "grays", "reds", "blues" and the Reputation System, click here.
To target anything in the world of Ultima Online, you merely need to move your mouse cursor over the item/monster/person and click. Be careful what and when you target, as you may find yourself unintentionally engaging in an attack!

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