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Helpful Hints
Don't be afraid to ask other players for help if you're confused. But do remember to keep in mind rules of common etiquette. Always remember that other players are people just like you.

If you know a trade skill (such as fishing, or tailoring), with a very small investment in raw materials, you may start making items and selling them for profit quite quickly.

Stealing and fighting are strictly illegal in towns (and impossible on the Trammel and Ilshenar facets) unless you are participating in a guild or faction war. Guards will kill anyone they catch breaking the laws of the land.

The color of each character's name gives you important information about them:
  • Blue: This player or NPC is a good citizen of Britannia
  • Red: This player or NPC has committed murder.
  • Orange: This player is an enemy guild or faction member
  • Grey: This player has been flagged as a criminal for a recent action
  • Green: This player is an ally guild mate or faction member
  • Yellow: This character is OSI staff and/or invulnerable

Shopkeepers inventory may change with supply and demand. If you can't find the item you're looking for in a city, you may wish to visit player-run vendors, commonly found in and around houses in the wilderness.

A great way to meet other players is by participating in player-run events and quests. You can find current and upcoming events on each shard listed weekly on the Ultima Online website at http://www.uoherald.com. The section that the player run events will be held in is the "Community Spotlight". The direct link for the Community Spotlight is HERE.

The Ultima Online skill system allows you to customize your character any way you want. If you decide you want to change the focus of your character and are no longer interested in a particular skill, just flag that skill to decay by toggling the 'down' arrow next to it in your skill list. As you learn other skills, the decaying skill will lose points over time.

Training dummies can be used to practice weapon skill in the safety of town. Large cities such as Trinsic, have training dummies available to the public near the weapon and armor shops.

Use your bank vault. It's free after all! Store valuables in your bank vault before heading off into the wilderness. If you run into trouble, you'll know that your valuable items are safe in town.  

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