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Purchasing a House or Castle
All houses may be purchased from an architect or from other players. Architects sell house placement tools. The tool itself only costs a few hundred gold, but it costs more to place houses. House prices are listed in the house placement tool menu. Due to the large amount of money required to place a house, funds are withdrawn directly from your characters bank box at the time the house is placed.

House placement tools cannot be stolen from your main backpack, and they will stay on your corpse if you die (unless you are a murderer). However, if you set them down in the open, meaning not inside of a container (chest, backpack, sack, pouch, etc.) they can be stolen from you.

House Ownership

Players are allowed to own one house per account. The house must be placed by a character that is at least 15 days old. Although the character that placed or was traded the house will be listed as the house's owner, all characters on your account are considered full owners of the house and will enjoy all rights and privileges equally.

NOTE: While Co-Owners may be added to the house, they are in no way considered true house owners. At no time will Co-Owners be able to override Owner lockdown or secure permissions, nor will they be able to take control of the house should the Owner be removed from the game or close their account.

If you acquire a new house, all other houses owned by your account on any shard will become condemned, meaning they cannot be refreshed and will decay within 5 days. Once a house has become condemned, the only way to restore it is to transfer it to someone else. Even if you demolish or sell all your other houses, the house will remain condemned! If you place a new house, receive a house in trade, or make a house primary, you will not be able to place or receive another house for one full week afterwards.

Players who owned multiple "grandfathered" houses prior to July 2002, regardless of whether the multiple houses are on different shards or all on the same shard, are allowed to maintain these houses, but they will need to be refreshed manually. Although grandfathered houses will not decay in the same manner as primary houses, these players have the option of declaring one of their houses as their primary house, which condemns all others owned by the same account.

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