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Selling Your House to Another Player
When trading with another player, you can use the House menu (by double-clicking on your house sign) and select "Ownership," then "Transfer House." This will turn your cursor into a targeting circle. Next, target the person you wish to sell your house to, click on the person, and a Secure Trading window will open. In the upper portion of the window will be the deed, along with the location and type of the house. The buyer should then place the agreed upon payment into the lower window. When both parties are satisfied, they should click on the blue gem next to their names, and then it's a done deal.

Both the buyer and seller must be outside the house and within two paces of the house sign in order to initiate the trade, and must remain within two paces of the sign in order to complete the trade. The deed that appears in the trade window is a distinctive blue color that cannot be duplicated using another object in the game. When you hover your mouse over the deed, it will list the name, owner, and location of the house.

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