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Special Moves
Warriors have the ability to tap their magical Mana to perform devastating maneuvers with their weapons that can have a variety of unusual side-effects. Each weapon type in the game has a primary and a secondary special move. Warriors who have reached Expert skill level may execute a weapon's primary special move. Once he or she has reached Master status in a weapon skill, the fighter may execute the secondary special move while wielding appropriate weapons. Weapon special moves usually require a certain minimum Tactics skill as well.

An icon on your paperdoll will open a book that details each special move available based on your skill level and equipped weapon. Much like the icons in a spellbook, these can be dragged from the book into the game window and double-clicked to activate the special move. The special moves can also be configured in macros for one-key activation. When activated, the special move icon highlights red, indicating the character is ready to perform the move. At the next opportunity, the special move is performed, and the icon returns to its un-highlighted state.

Once you've reached Expert skill level (70 or higher) in the appropriate weapon skill and in Tactics, you can use that weapon's primary special move. Once you become a Master (90+ skill) in that weapon's skill and in Tactics, you will be able to use its secondary special move.

Each different type of weapon in the game has a different combination of primary and secondary special moves, making each weapon truly unique! Here is a rundown of the combat special moves:

Moving Shot
Effect: Available on some crossbows, this special move allows archers to fire while on the move. This shot is somewhat less accurate than normal, but the ability to fire while running is a clear advantage.
Mana Cost: 15
Primary On: Heavy Crossbow
Secondary On: Composite Bow, Repeating Crossbow

Armor Ignore
Effect: This special move allows the skilled warrior to bypass his target's physical resistance, for one shot only. The Armor Ignore shot does slightly less damage than normal. Against a heavily armored opponent, this ability is a big win, but when used against a very lightly armored foe, it might be better to use a standard strike.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Hatchet, Long Sword, Bladed Staff, Hammer Pick, War Axe, Kryss, Spear, Composite Bow
Secondary On: Broadsword, Katana, Leafblade
Note: For this attack, the defender has 0 Physical Resistance, but the attack only does 90% normal damage.

Effect: Perfect for the foot-soldier, the Dismount special attack can unseat a mounted opponent. The fighter using this ability must be on his own two feet and not in the saddle of a steed (with one exception: players may use a lance to dismount other lance-equipped players while mounted). If it works, the target will be knocked off his own mount.
Mana Cost: 20
Primary On: Lance, Magic Wand
Secondary On: Pitchfork, Axe, Bladed Staff, Heavy Crossbow, Bardiche, Club
Note: Dismounts the target. Cannot use this while mounted, unless both you and your opponent are wielding lances.

Mortal Strike
Effect: The assassin's friend. A successful Mortal Strike will render its victim unable to heal any damage for several seconds. Use a gruesome follow-up to finish off your foe.
Mana Cost: 30
Duration: 6 seconds (player), 12 seconds (NPC)
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Executioner's Axe, Crossbow, Scepter, Crescent Blade, Hammer Pick, Bone Harvester, Bow, Short Spear
Note: Does not prevent curing poison or stopping bleeding.

Effect: This powerful ability requires a secondary skill to activate; however, it is exempt from the Tactics requirement. Successful use of Shadowstrike deals extra damage to the target and renders the attacker invisible. Only those who are adept at the art of stealth will be able to use this ability.
Mana Cost: 20
Primary On: Skinning Knife, Club, Short Spear
Secondary On: Cutlass, Smith's Hammer, Two-Handed Axe, Dagger, Sledge Hammer, Assassin Spike
Secondary Skills: 80 Stealth minimum
Effect: Weapon hit does an extra 25% damage, and hides the attacker.

Infectious Strike
Effect: Infectious Strike requires a weapon with poison charges on it (see Poisioning for more info.) Only weapon types those that have Infectious Strike as an available special move will be able to be poisoned. While no skill in Poisoning is directly required to use this ability, being knowledgeable in the application and use of toxins will allow a character to inflict more deadly poison on his victim. A successful use of Infectious Strike will lower your karma slightly. This move is exempt from the Tactics skill requirement.
Mana Cost: 15
Primary On: Butcher's Knife, Dagger, Assassin Spike
Secondary On: Cleaver, Kryss, Pike, Double Bladed Staff
Secondary Skills: The Poisoning skill has a direct chance to increase the level of the poison by 1, up to a max of level 5 poison. If your skill in Poisoning is at 100, the poison level will always be increased by 1.
Note: The blade must have poison applied to it.

Paralyzing Blow
Effect: A successful Paralyzing Blow will leave the target stunned, unable to move, attack, or cast spells, for a few seconds.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Bow, Pike, Bardiche, Bone Harvester
Secondary On: Unarmed (no weapon, using Wrestling skill), Scythe, Gnarled Staff, Viking Sword, Scimitar, Spear, Black Staff
Duration: 3 seconds (player), 6 seconds (NPC)
Note: The 3(6) second duration is not broken by combat damage the way the paralyze spell is. This move is also exempt from the Tactics requirement when used as an Unarmed (wrestling) special move.

Double Strike
Effect: The highly skilled warrior can use this special attack to strike their opponent twice in the next single round of combat. The next hit will automatically cause another swing attempt (which can either hit or miss according to the normal hit chance rules). In addition, there is a -10% damage penalty during this attempt.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Repeating Crossbow, Double Bladed Staff, Quarterstaff, 2 Handed Axe, Crescent Blade, Double Axe, Katana, Pick Axe, Scimitar
Secondary On: Wakizashi, Daisho

Bleed Attack
Effect: Make your opponent bleed profusely with this wicked use of your weapon. When successful, the target will bleed for several seconds, taking damage as time passes for up to ten seconds. The rate of damage slows down as time passes, and the blood loss can be completely staunched with the use of bandages.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Battle Axe, War Fork, Pitchfork, Cleaver, Executioner's Axe, Scythe, Cutlass
Secondary On: War Mace, War Axe, Large Battle Axe, Elven Spellblade
Effect: Applies a total of 15-31 physical damage to the target over the next 10 seconds. This damage is not reduced by armor and can only be avoided through healing with bandages.

Whirlwind Attack
Effect: A godsend to a warrior surrounded, the Whirlwind Attack allows the fighter to strike at all nearby targets in one mighty spinning swing.
Mana Cost: 15
Primary On: Black Staff, War Hammer, Halberd, Large Battle Axe, Radiant Scimitar, Kama
Secondary On: Double Axe
Note: Will not accidentally strike innocents, allies, or party members.

Effect: This attack allows you to disarm your foe. A successful Disarm leaves the victim unable to re-arm another weapon for several seconds.
Mana Cost: 20
Primary On: Bare Handed (using Wrestling skill,) Rune Blade, Ornate Axe
Secondary On: War Fork, Mace, Shepherd's Crook, Magic Wand, Pick Axe, Hatchet, Butcher Knife, Skinning Knife
Duration: Target cannot arm another weapon for 5 seconds. This move is also exempt from the Tactics requirement when used as an Unarmed (wrestling) special move.

Crushing Blow
Effect: Also known as the Haymaker, this attack dramatically increases the damage done by a weapon reaching its mark.
Mana Cost: 25
Primary On: War Mace, Maul, Shepherd's Crook, Scepter, Smith's Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Axe, Broad Sword, Viking Sword, No-Dachi
Secondary On: War Hammer, Ornate Axe, Diamond Mace
Effect: Attack damage increased by 50%. Additional damage is applied as physical damage. (Affected by the 300% Damage Increase cap.)

Concussion Blow
Effect: This devastating strike is most effective against those who are in good health and whose reserves of mana are low, or vice versa.
Mana Cost: 25
Primary On: Crossbow, Mace, Gnarled Staff, Diamond Mace
Secondary On: Battle Axe, Maul, Lance, Quarterstaff, Long Sword, Halberd
Effect: Applies 10-30 additional damage that cannot be reduced by physical resistance or other defenses. Damage done depends on the difference between the target's current health and mana - the exact formula is the absolute value of the victim's current mana percentage minus their current hit point percentage, divided by four, plus ten. (Absolute value means that the result is treated as positive - see examples below.) However, the damage bonus will be at least ten and not more than 30.

Example: Your opponent has 90% of their mana remaining, but only 40% of their health. Concussion Blow subtracts 40 from 90 to get 50%, divided by four is 12.5. The decimal value gets dropped, plus ten is 22. That's within the allowable range, so your move will do 22 extra damage.

Example: Your opponent has only 40% of their mana remaining, but 90% of their health. Concussion Blow subtracts 90 from 40 to get -50%, converts that to absolute, divided by four is 12.5. The decimal value gets dropped, plus ten is 22. So the end result is exactly the same as above - it's the difference between HP and mana which matters, not which one is higher.

Riding Swipe
Effect: If you are on foot, dismounts your opponent and damages the ethereal's rider or the live mount (which must be healed before being ridden again.) If you are mounted, damages and stuns the mounted opponent. Requires Bushido skill.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: None
Secondary On: No-Dachi

Frenzied Whirlwind
Effect: A quick attack to all enemies in range of your weapon that causes damage over time. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Wakizashi, Tetsubo
Secondary On: Lajatang

Effect: Raises your defenses for a short time. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Wild Staff, Sai, Nunchaku
Secondary On: Tessen
Duration: Unknown

Defense Mastery
Effect: Raises your physical resistance for a short time while lowering your ability to inflict damage. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Lajatang, Elven Machete
Secondary On: Kama
Duration: Unknown

Nerve Strike
Effect: Does damage and has a chance to paralyze your opponent for a short time. The paralyze chance is scaled based on Bushido skill, from 50% chance at 50 skill to 90% chance at 120 skill. The paralysis is breakable when the paralyzed target takes damage..
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Bokuto
Duration: Unknown

Talon Strike
Effect: Attack with increased damage and with additional damage over time.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Tekagi

Effect: Gain a defensive advantage over your primary opponent for a short time. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Tessen, Bokuto, Daisho, Leafblade
Secondary On: Nunchaku
Duration: Unknown

Dual Wield
Effect: Attack faster as you swing with both weapons. Requires Ninjitsu skill.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Tekagi
Secondary On: None
Duration: Unknown

Double Shot
Effect: Send two arrows flying at your opponent if you're mounted.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Yumi

Armor Pierce
Effect: Strike your opponent with great force, partially bypassing their armor and inflicting greater damage. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill, depending on the weapon.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Yumi
Secondary On: Sai

Effect: Warriors becomes one with their weapon, allowing it to guide their hand. The effects of this attack are unpredictable, but effective.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Rune Blade, Radiant Scimitar, Elven Machete
Duration: Unknown

Force Arrow
Effect: Archers focuses their will into an arrow of pure force, dazing their enemy. Dazed enemies are temporarily easier to hit, and sometimes forget who they are attacking.
Mana Cost: 20
Primary On: Elven Composite Longbow
Secondary On: None
Duration: Unknown

Lightning Arrow
Effect: A charged arrow that arcs lightning into its target's allies.
Mana Cost: 20
Primary On: Magical Shortbow
Secondary On: None

Psychic Attack
Effect: Psychic Attack lowers your opponent's Spell Damage Increase stat. The base effect is a 4% SDI decrease, and it can go up to 16%, depending how much smarter you are than your foe.
Mana Cost: 30
Primary On: Elven Spellblade
Secondary On: Magical Shortbow
Duration: Unknown

Serpent Arrow
Effect: Fires a snake at the target, poisoning them in addition to normal damage with a successful hit. The archer must be skilled in poisoning and nimble of hand to achieve success. A successful Serpent Arrow will reduce the attacker's karma slightly.
Mana Cost: 40
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Elven Composite Longbow

Force of Nature
Effect: Infuses the attacker with Nature's Fury, granting them unparalleled strength. This dangerous channeling causes leafy vines to violently erupt from beneath the attacker's skin, dealing substantial physical and poison damage to them.
Mana Cost: 40
Primary On: None
Secondary On: Wild Staff

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