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Home Maintenance
Refreshing Your Home
Primary House

A primary house is owned by an active game account, and has been established by the player to be that account's primary house. The house refresh state on the house menu of a primary house will be listed on the house sign as "Automatic."

Primary houses will not display any decay stage, since they don't decay at all. You won't need to worry about refreshing it, as it will never decay as long your account remains active. Any newly placed house, or a house that is transferred to you will automatically become your primary house.

Note: If you place another house, or are traded a house, all previous houses will become condemned and begin a 5-day decay period. Only the newest house will not become condemned nor decay.

Grandfathered House

This house is owned by an active game account, but has not been established by the player to be that account's primary house.

The house refresh state on the house menu-gump will be listed as "Grandfathered." Grandfathered houses will be treated in same manner as Primary houses - as long as the house owner's account remains active, a Grandfathered house will not decay.

Condemned House

A condemned house cannot be refreshed, and will decay within 5 days. Houses will become condemned if a player places or acquires a newer house on any shard, or if the player's account becomes inactive.

Note: The only way a condemned house will be un-condemned is if it is traded to another account. Re-deeding a more recently placed house will not un-condemn the previously placed house on the same account.

Houses on Inactive Accounts

If your account becomes inactive for any reason, any house you own on that account will be set to "Condemned" status. An inactive account is one that has been cancelled or suspended for more than 90 days. If your account remains inactive for more than 90 days, your house will begin a decay period of about 5 days. If you reactivate your account within the initial 90-day grace period or before your house finishes its 5-day decay period, then it will return to its original status of "Primary."

So, in a nutshell, you have 90 days to reactivate your account, or your house will vanish. But don't wait until the last moment!

Grandfathered houses follow the same rules, with one exception. You must reactive your account within the 90-day grace period in order to keep the Grandfathered status of your houses. If, instead, you reactive your account after that 90-day period, when the houses have started the 5-day decay cycle, then only the house that was most recently placed will be set to "Primary." All others will become condemned.

Note: Once you reactivate your game account, it can take up to 24 hours for the houses on your account to reflect this change. In other words, if your house has become condemned because your account was inactive, it can take up to 24 hours after your account becomes reactivated for your house to become un-condemned.

Status of house on an Active Account Status of house on an Inactive Account, but within the 90-day Grace Period Status of house on an Inactive Account after the 90-day Grace Period ends, but within the 5-day Decay Cycle Status of house after both the 90-day Grace Period and 5-day Decay Cycle have ended.
Primary House never decays.

House remains primary.

If you reactivate your account during this period, your house will retain its Primary status.

House becomes Condemned and starts to visibly decay.

If you reactivate your account during this period, your house will return to its Primary status.

House decays and is gone forever.*
Grandfathered Houses never decay.

Houses remain grandfathered.

If you reactivate your account during this period, your houses will retain their Grandfathered status.

Houses become Condemned and start to visibly decay.

If you reactivate your account during this period, the house that was most recently placed will be set to Primary, while all others will be condemned.

Houses decay and are gone forever.*
*The only exception to this is if the house has contract vendors attached to it. Please see the section on "Demolition Pending" houses below for further information.

"Demolition Pending" Houses

If your house is scheduled to decay but still has contract-vendors with unexpired contracts, the house will list as "Demolition Pending" and not fully decay until 9 days after those contracts expire. Houses with this status cannot be reclaimed, even by reactivating their accounts. These houses remain standing only to allow the contract-vendor owners to reclaim their vended inventory. (You can find more information on Contract Vendors here.)

Stages of Decay

Once a house is eligible to decay (after meeting the appropriate criteria--see above sections), it doesn't collapse all at once, but instead, goes through a series of decay stages.

Housing State
Approximate Duration
Like New
1 hour
Slightly Worn
1-2 days
Somewhat Worn
1-2 days
Fairly Worn
1-2 days
Greatly Worn
1-2 days
In Danger of Collapsing
12-24 hours

When a house collapses, new houses cannot be placed on that lot for a random amount of time.

Trash Collection

A portion of house maintenance is throwing out the unwanted trash. To place a trash container in your home say, "I wish to place a trash barrel." Items delete themselves within 2 minutes of when the last item was placed in the trash.

You may only place one trash barrel in your house at a time. To remove your trash container the house owner can use an axe of any type on the trash barrel. Once a trash barrel has been removed you can place it again in any location of the house.

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