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Decorating Your House
House Add-Ons

House add-ons are additional pieces of furniture or equipment that you can buy to place in your home. House add-ons are in the form of a deed, and state which direction the item will face, if applicable. The only place to buy these add-ons are from other players or player vendors. NPC shopkeepers do not sell house add-on deeds.

Some house add-ons that you can obtain are: abattoirs, anvils, ballot boxes, small and large beds, dart boards, flour mills, small and large forges, looms, ovens, pentagrams, pickpocket dips, spinning wheels, training dummies, and water troughs.

To place a house add-on, double-click the deed. You will be given a targeting cursor and you must target the tile(s) where you wish to place the add-on. If the location is valid then the House add-on will apear on that location.

Collectible mini-houses, tapestries, certain Veteran Rewards, and other house add-ons can be re-deeded. To do so, double-click a hatchet, or an axe of any type, and target your house add-on or reward. Doing so will not destroy your item; it will be re-deeded. Holiday trees and vet rewards are an exception to this rule. In order to re-deed holiday trees and banners, simply double-click the item and a deed will appear in your backpack.

House Decoration Tool

The House Decoration Tool can be purchased from an NPC Architect.

The tool has the ability to turn certain objects to face south-to-east, or east-to-south. An example of an object that is able to be turned would be a wall clock. Not all objects may be turned, and the tool will not allow you to manipulate items weighing more than 100 stones. The tool has the ability to raise or lower certain objects, thus allowing items such as the wall clock to be "hung" on a wall. Not all objects can be raised or lowered.

The House Decoration Tool is used in the following manner:
  • The player using the tool must be the owner or a co-owner of the house where the tool will be used.
  • The player must actually be in the house to use the tool.
  • When the player double-clicks the tool, targeting the tool again with the target cursor will bring up a menu. The menu choices are "turn", "up", and "down". This changes the operating mode of the tool to the choice that is made.
  • Upon selecting turn, up, or down, the player will be able to target an item in the house to apply that effect. The tool will remain in whatever mode was selected, until the tool mode is changed again (refer to above).
  • The player can either double-click the tool again and then the house object to apply the last movement style chosen on the tool, or the player can use the target cursor on the tool itself to choose another movement style (such as selecting down instead of up).
  • House objects being moved must be locked down prior to being moved, and will remain locked down during the Decoration Tool movement process. House items that weigh over 100 stones cannot be changed.
Furniture Dye Tub

Some pieces of furniture can be dyed. Furniture dye tubs were available as a prize choice in a Clean Up Britannia promotion and are available as a choice for Veteran players in the Veteran Reward Program (see Chapter 29 for more information on this program). To dye a piece of furniture, the item must be locked down in your home and you must be the owner. Co-owners cannot dye furniture.

Taxidermy Kit

Taxidermy Kits allow players to use corpses of certain creatures to create trophy deeds, which can be used in houses to generate a wall-mounted trophy.

Taxidermy Kits can be found on NPC Tanners, usually found within "leather and hide" shops in towns. Only master and above carpenters can use the kit itself, as those without master or grandmaster status in carpentry will be unable to figure out the kit's workings.

A master carpenter is defined by UO as a player with 90.1 or above base carpentry skill (base skill, visible by clicking "show real" in the skill window).

The player will need the following items to create a trophy:
  • Taxidermy Kit
  • 10 boards
  • Corpse of either:
    • Orc
    • Gorilla
    • Troll
    • Brown Bear
    • Polar Bear
    • Great Hart
    • Big Fish (note that 'big fish' that have been stacked with other fish will not be useable by the taxidermy kit)
When a player with enough carpentry skill and the materials listed above uses the taxidermy kit, they will get a targeting cursor. This cursor is targeted on the corpse of the creature (or big fish) intended to be the trophy. Thus, the player will need to be at the corpse of one of these creatures to successfully use the taxidermy kit. The taxidermy kit will disappear upon successful use and a deed for a trophy will be placed in the player's pack.

If you fail in your attempt to use the taxidermy kit, both the kit and the materials will be lost.

The player attempting to place the trophy will need to be an owner or co-owner of the house. The trophy does need to be locked down to prevent decay or theft. Double-clicking the trophy if it is not locked down will cause it to return to deed form in the player's backpack.

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