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Launching and Boarding Your Ship
Ships are bought and built much like houses. A ship is purchased from a shipwright, who gives you a deed that be used near the ocean shore to build the actual ship. (Note: NPCs will not buy back boat deeds or boat models. You will need to sell your boat to another player if you no longer want it.)

To build your ship, double-click on the deed that you bought from the shipwright. Make sure that when you build your ship, you do so in a location from which you can actually reach the ocean! Ships cannot, for example, pass bridges.

When your ship is created, the key is placed in your backpack and a duplicate placed in your safe deposit box for safekeeping. You can lock the gangplank(s) to your ship.

To come aboard or disembark from a ship, click on the side of the ship to extend the gangplank (you can retract the gangplank by clicking on it again). Double-click on the gangplank to come aboard, or just walk off it to go ashore.

Any player on board (see the section on Navigation) can command ships, and they can be boarded from any other nearby ship; therefore it is vital for you to keep your gangplanks locked.

Ships can carry cargo. The cargo hold is a container, like a huge backpack. You can put lots of stuff in a cargo hold, but you can't stay in it yourself. All characters on board a ship stay out on the decks for the duration of the trip.

Naming Your Ship
You can name your ship by tapping your Tillerman on the shoulder (double-clicking him). The Tillerman can also "Remove Name" or tell you the ship's name if you say "Name".

You can also name the ship's key by double-clicking the key and then targeting it.

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