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Honor is the courage to defend and uphold the truth, and derives from Truth and Courage. The mantra associated with Honor is Summ.

Virtuous Ability: Embrace Honor

The reward for following the path of Honor is the ability to move peacefully among aggressive monsters, as well as a damage bonus to melee combat.

You can activate Embrace Honor by double-clicking the Honor icon on the Virtue gump, and then targeting yourself. Activating this ability will cause all monsters to ignore you for a limited amount of time. The duration you embrace your Honor increases as you achieve higher levels on the path of Honor.

If you are in combat when you embrace your Honor, any opponents already aggressive towards you will not be affected.

Gaining Honor:

You can gain Honor by engaging in honorable combat with monsters or NPCs. You can do this by double-clicking the Honor icon on the Virtue gump and targeting an appropriate opponent. You will face your opponent, bow to them, and speak the words, "I honor you."

You then must defeat your opponent in an honorable fashion.

Honorable combat is defined as:
  • Allowing your opponent to damage you first.
  • Engaging in one-on-one combat.
  • Not using ranged weapons, unless you stay in the same spot where you honored your opponent, or you only damage your opponent while adjacent to them.
  • Not allowing your pets or summoned creatures to help you during the battle.
  • Avoiding the use of poison.

To engage an opponent in honorable combat, your opponent:
  • Must be one that you can perform negative actions upon.
  • Must be at full health.
  • Must not already be honored by a nearby player.
  • Must be close to you, in your line-of-sight, and have a clear path to you.

The amount of Honor you gain from defeating your opponent is determined by how closely you followed the above guidelines for honorable combat, as well as your opponent's level of fame.

Virtuous Titles: Each virtue has three steps on the path to enlightenment, each more difficult to attain than the last. Upon reaching each step, you will be given a new Virtue title, which is displayed when you mouse over the Virtue's associated symbol (in this case, the Chalice of Honor) in the Virtue Gump.

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