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Compassion is the nonjudgmental empathy for one's fellow creatures. You gain in Compassion by escorting NPCs and prisoners safely to their destinations.

Virtuous Ability:

The reward for following the path of this Virtue is the ability to increase the amount of health another player receives upon their resurrection, as long as you are the one that resurrects them through the use of magic or bandages. Under normal circumstances, players only have one point of health when they are resurrected. With this ability, you can increase that amount up to 80% of their maximum hit points based on the level, or step, of Compassion you have attained.
  • First step: Resurrected character returns to life with 20% of their maximum Hits.
  • Second step: Resurrected character returns to life with 40% of their maximum Hits.
  • Third step: Resurrected character returns to life with 80% of their maximum Hits.
This ability may be used as often as the player wishes.

Gaining Compassion:

To gain compassion, you need to first find either an NPC that is seeking an escort, or an NPC prisoner that needs to be rescued from the clutches of foul creatures, and then complete the task of accompanying them to their desired destination.

NPC escorts can be found hanging around most towns, while NPC prisoners are usually found in the wilderness, trapped in a camp made by their captors.
  • Points in Compassion may be earned up to five times in a given day.
  • Players that are [young] will not be able to earn Compassion points.
  • The amount of points gained for completing a prisoner quest will be more than those gained for completing an escort quest.
You can find more information about escorting NPCs in the section on Escorting.

Virtuous Titles:

Once you've achieved any number of Compassion points, you are considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Compassion. By achieving each step, you are able to acquire a special virtue title that is displayed whenever you hover your cursor over the Compassion symbol (the heart) in the virtue menu. The steps and titles available are as follows:
  • First step: Seeker of Compassion
  • Second step: Follower of Compassion
  • Third step: Knight of Compassion
Compassion points will wear off over time, which means you can lose your virtue title. In order to keep your title, you'll need to continue to gain Compassion points.

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