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Valor is the courage to take actions in support of one's convictions. You gain Valor by battling creatures in champion spawns.

Virtuous Ability:

The reward for following the path of this Virtue is the ability to initiate or advance the progression of champion spawns. Under normal circumstances, champion spawns cannot be started by players. Their activation is based on a random timer; so, the ability to activate any champion spawn at anytime is quite a perk for those adventurers that seek scrolls of power.

You can activate your Valor Virtue ability by double-clicking the Valor icon on the Virtue window, then targeting the Idol of the Champion which sits on a nearby champion spawn shrine. The champion idols appear as large grey skull statues at the center of an inactive or active champion spawn shrine. Issuing a "Virtuous Challenge" to affect a champion spawn will cost a number of Valor points.

Activating a Shrine:

If you are a Knight of Valor, you will be able to activate a champion spawn shrine. This will cost you a large portion of your Valor points. However, if you are successful, activating such a shrine will summon forth the first wave of the respective champion spawn.

Advancing a Champion Spawn:

If you are a Seeker of Valor, or higher, you will be able to advance a champion spawn shrine--the more advanced the spawn, the greater the required Valor title. The first levels will require no title, while higher levels will require Seeker, Follower, or Knight titles before you can even attempt a Valorous Challenge. Advancing a champion spawn level will cost you a portion of your Valor based on the current level of the champion spawn. The higher the current level, the more Valor it will take to affect the spawn.

A champion spawn will only accept one such Virtuous Challenge per session. Only one person may affect a given champion spawn session, and only once during that session. Once a champion spawn's level has been increased by a player, no one else can increase its level until the spawn has been completely defeated and has restarted.

Gaining Valor:

You can gain Valor by participating in the champion spawns that appear within Felucca's dungeons, Felucca's Lost Lands, and the Ilshenar areas. Battling the creatures that guard the shrine will increase your Valor. The number of Valor points awarded per creature is dependant upon the difficulty of the creature; the tougher the creatures from the champion spawn, the more Valor points are awarded.

Virtuous Titles:

Once you've achieved any number of Valor points, you are considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Valor. By achieving each step, you are able to acquire a special virtue title that is displayed whenever you hover your cursor over the Valor symbol (the sword) in the virtue menu. The steps and titles available are as follows:
  • First step: Seeker of Valor
  • Second step: Follower of Valor
  • Third step: Knight of Valor
Valor points will wear off over time, which means you can lose your virtue title. In order to keep your title, you'll need to continue to gain Valor points.

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