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Commodity Deeds
Commodity deeds allow players to transport and trade resources, of sizes that were previously unable to be held within a character's backpack, with greater ease and security than before.

Commodity deed contracts may be purchased from NPC bankers. They are "blessed", in that they cannot be stolen (if kept in the top level of one's backpack), and cannot be looted. They will appear in the form of a light green deed.

When first created, commodity deeds will be empty and hold no items. Empty commodity deeds will be labeled as "an unfilled commodity deed".

The commodity deed may be filled by double-clicking the deed, then targeting an applicable item. The item must be of a stackable type (ex: logs, ingots, or mandrake root), and it must be within the targeting character's bank box.

The items which may fill a commodity deed are as follows:
  • bolts of cloth
  • pieces of cloth
  • pieces of leather
  • piles of folded cloth
  • piles of hides
  • arrows
  • crossbow bolts
  • feathers
  • shafts
  • boards
  • logs
  • reagents of the same type
  • ingots of the same type
Commodity deeds can only be filled once. If you attempt to re-fill a used commodity deed, you will receive a message that states: "To claim the resources represented by this deed, drop it into your bank box." Used commodity deeds will be labeled as "a filled commodity deed," along with a second notation in the form of "[item description] : [quantity]".

You can "cash in" a commodity deed by dropping it into your bank box. The commodities will appear in a stack in the bank box.

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