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Stamina and Health
Strenuous activities like running and fighting cause you to temporarily lose Stamina. The lower your Stamina goes, the slower you will swing your weapon.
You cannot starve, but eatingis a good way to recover from strenuous exercise.

If you double-click on a food item it disappears - you eat it. Eating restores a bit of lost Stamina.
You regain your lost Stamina more quickly if you stand still and take it easy for a while.
Damage to your character heals itself naturally in the course of time. You will heal at the fastest possible rate if you have recently eaten something. There are three other ways of healing damage in the game.

  • Bandage - The cheapest and most common way is to use a bandage. Bandages can be obtained from healers, vets or several other merchants, or you can make them yourself by using scissors on cloth. Bandages don't restore much damage, but they're an excellent way to deal with minor wounds, and a useful "first aid" measure for more serious injuries. The higher your Healing skill, the more benefit you can gain from bandages. Dexterity is also an important factor when it comes to healing with bandages, as it affects the speed at which you are able to heal yourself.
    • You must be within 2 tiles of a person in order to heal them with bandages.
    • If you take 26 points of damage (19 in PvP battles) or more from an opponent's hit, your fingers will slip (your healing will be interrupted) when you try to apply bandages. This will effectively reduce the amount you heal by 36%.

  • Healing potions - More powerful, but far more expensive, are Healing potions, which are created by alchemists and can be purchased from alchemists, mages and some other NPC types.

  • Spells - Healing spells are best of all. If you have the ability, you can cast such a spell on yourself, or you can request the aid of any nearby mage or paladin.

  • Spirit Speak - You can also use the Spirit Speak skill to heal yourself. If there are nearby corpses to channel energy from, you will not use any mana doing so.

Some monsters, spells and potions can poison you. If you are poisoned, you will see a message to that effect, and your Health bar turns green. Poison causes you to lose Hit Points at a steady rate while the poison is active. Some poisons are so weak they barely slow your natural healing process; others are so virulent they can kill a strong man in a matter of seconds.

Poison from all sources can be cured with spells, a curative potion or bandages and the healing skill, or will wear off naturally with time (assuming you can survive long enough).

Note: If poisoned, you may not gain health points in any way until the poison has been cured, except by using the Spirit Speak skill to heal.

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