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(Applies only to the Felucca facet, since murderers are not allowed in any other facet. Player killing has a long and storied history in Ultima Online, and we encourage players to visit Felucca to experience this for themselves.)

Anyone who attacks a Blue character is guilty of attempted murder. If the victim dies before the damage from a murderous attack is healed, his attacker is guilty of murder, regardless of whether he actually administered the killing blow. This includes damage inflicted by pets or summons.

A murdered character can elect to report his murderer(s). If you are reported in five or more successive murders, you are labeled a murderer, and you will highlight red to other players.

Murderers can enter towns without being attacked by the guards; however, if they choose to harm any citizens during their stay, they will be quickly dispatched by the local authorities. (This only applies to the Felucca facet.)

Murderers will not be able to gain Virtue, or use any Virtue abilities, as murdering innocent people is not a very virtuous activity.
There are two different kinds of murder counts, short term and long term. When you murder another player you receive both a short-term and a long-term murder count.
* Each murder count goes away after 8 hours of playtime.
Long Term
* Each murder count goes away after 40 hours of playtime.
* If you acquire 5 or more long-term murder counts you become "red."
* Your long-term count is always equal to or greater than your short-term count.
ConsideringYour Sins
You may determine your current status in the world by saying “I must consider my sins.” You will receive a response which will show your Short Term Murders and Long Term Murders.
Citizens of Britannia can defend themselves from criminals. Criminal actions include thievery and assault against a blue PC or NPC (including hirelings and pets of blue PCs). Looting a dead body is also considered a criminal action, unless the body belonged to a criminal, murderer or member of an enemy guild.

If you are flagged as a criminal, you highlight gray. Any town guard will kill you on sight, and blue characters can attack you without penalty to Karma. If you loot a body, or launch a non-lethal attack on an innocent, your criminal flag lasts only a few minutes. It would be best to stay out of sight during this time if you do not with to be attacked.
Although it is not illegal to attack criminals and murderers, it is also not illegal for unsavory types to defend themselves against unprovoked attacks. The first person to attack (even if the blow didn't land) is considered the aggressor in that combat, and any attacked party can defend himself against any aggressor without fear of Karma repercussions. Thus, if you are attacked by Sheila the Murderer and she kills you, her Karma falls, and you can report your murder. However, if you attack her and she kills you, you cannot report the murder, because you were the aggressor.

Combat is considered to last until one of the opponents dies, or until about two minutes after the last blow. If you break off combat for more than two minutes, neither party is considered the aggressor until one or the other launches a new attack.

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