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Minoc is found in the northeastern region of the realm, nestled within the mountains. Although initially a community of artisans and gadgeteers, recently-discovered precious ores have turned it into a mining town. Minoc is essentially a rough-and-tumble frontier mining town. Furs are common, given the cold climate. It has very much the feel of a communitarian place, like an old Gold Rush town.

The Gadgeteers Guild is located in Minoc in order to provide easy access to the materials they need: the metals and ores, and the raw lumber. Minoc produces most of the raw materials such as ore and lumber for Britain, Magincia, and Vesper. Its inventors and gadgeteers design many of the nifty things found on sale in Vesper, but manufacture of these things tends to be moved to Vesper after the initial design is done here, in order to have quicker access to the marketplace.

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