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Reputation, Karma & Fame
The main purpose of the Reputation system is to regulate combat between players, so that a player in Felucca will think twice before attempting to kill or rob an inexperienced or law-abiding character.

Creatures (including NPCs, monsters and animals) are all color-coded according to their moral standing. This color can be seen in the creatures' names, and when you're in War mode the creatures themselves appears as this color when you pass your cursor over them.

Attacking blue characters has a negative effect on your Karma. Attacking gray creatures may or may not have an effect on your Karma. Murderers and aggressive monsters are red characters. Attacking them can do nothing but improve your Karma. Guildmates are green. Members of enemy guilds are orange.

Your Reputation is the combined result of your current Fame and Karma. Fame measures how well known you are among other inhabitants of Britannia. Karma is a measure of your spiritual balance - whether you are "good" or "evil." Taken together, they give your character's title in the game. Titles are:

Fame Least       Most
Trustworthy Estimable Great Glorious Glorious Lord/Lady
  Honest Commendable Famed Illustrious Illustrious Lord/Lady
  Good Honorable Admirable Noble Noble Lord/Lady
  Kind Respectable Proper Eminent Eminent Lord/Lady
  Fair Upstanding Reputable Distinguished Distinguished Lord/Lady
Neutral None Notable Prominent Reknowned Lord/Lady
  Rude Disreputable Notorious Infamous Dishonored Lord/Lady
  Unsavory Dishonorable Ignoble Sinister Sinister Lord/Lady
  Scoundrel Malicious Vile Villainous Dark Lord/Lady
  Despicable Dastardly Wicked Evil Evil Lord/Lady
Worst Outcast Wretched Nefarious Dread Dread Lord/Lady
Karma is gained or lost on a sliding scale. At the top of the scale, it requires many more noble deeds to raise it further, while only murder is a horrid enough act to take you lower when you're near the bottom of the scale. Karma is most useful for helping you roleplay interactions with other characters.

These are some of the actions that raise your Karma:
  • Killing evil NPCs
  • Killing monsters
  • Giving gold and items to good NPCs
  • Casting helpful spells on characters with positive Karma
  • These are some of the actions that lower your Karma:
  • Being reported as a murderer
  • Killing good NPCs
  • Killing dogs, cats, dolphins, horses, pack horses or pack llamas
  • Casting helpful spells on monsters or evil NPCs
  • Summoning daemons
  • Stealing
  • Snooping
  • Using the Poisoning skill
  • Using the Begging skill
  • Casting helpful spells on characters with negative Karma
  • Wearing some items that are considered evil.
  • Killing certain creatures in Ilshenar.
  • Karma Locking
    Involuntary Karma Lock - The first time you go negative in karma (<0), your karma will no longer be able to be raised. You will gain no more positive karma until you visit a shrine to be cleansed.

    Voluntary Karma Lock - If your karma is positive, you can go to any shrine in Britannia or Ilshenar, bring up the context menu on the shrine's ankh (shift left-click), and select the "Lock Karma" option. When you click this option, you will get a message telling you that your karma has been locked and that it can no longer be raised. In this way, players who wish to appear as "evil" will be able to kill monsters without gaining karma. Note that players will still gain or lose fame, regardless of karma lock status. The important thing to remember about karma locking is that you can only prevent yourself from gaining karma, not losing it.

    Removing Karma Lock - If you can no longer gain positive karma as a player, you may visit any one of the virtue shrines to get back on the path. If, however, you stray again, (gain negative karma for any reason before reaching positive karma) your karma will again be locked. To unlock your karma, go to any shrine, bring up the context menu on the shrine's ankh (shift left-click) and choose the option to "Unlock Karma."
    Dangers of Negative Karma
    As the mist rests over the verdant green forest floor, a sunbeam points out a disturbance in the otherwise peaceful scene. A silhouette of a beautiful winged man emerges from the swirling of the damp air. Crouched behind a rotted oak stump, you notice the hairs on the back of your neck rise in anticipation. This morning's hunt had gone well, and few pixies remained in the forest. However, this is the guardian spirit of the wood, and in one of his powerful hands is a sword as long as your body. The last pixie has drained your strength and your limbs still feel the numb of her death wail. Suddenly the eyes of the warrior light upon your position and a feral growl of holy vengeance escapes the rictus frown of a creature you are in no condition to face.

    In the lands of Ilshenar, some magical creatures look aggressively towards players with negative karma.
    Like Karma, Fame is acquired on a sliding scale. When you are already famous, you're expected to do more heroic (or villainous) deeds than normal folk. These are some of the actions that will raise your Fame:
    • Killing PCs who have higher Fame than you
    • Killing NPCs who have higher Fame than you
    • Killing monsters that have higher Fame than you
    • Killing animals that have higher Fame than you
    • Completing NPC escort quests
    • Rescuing prisoners
    • Generously giving gold and items away to good NPCs
    These are some of the actions that will lower your Fame:
    • Dying
    • Fame decays with time (fame is fickle)
    Hero Titles

    In the facets of Ilshenar and Felucca players can achieve Hero Titles. This is done by killing large amounts of creatures of the same general type. See the section on Champion Spawns for more information.

    Note: Using Necromancy will also lower your karma 

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