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Mondain's Legacy Dungeons
In addition to the Anti-Virtue dungeons of old, there are many other places in Sosaria where peril looms...

Palace of Paroxysmus (The Lost Lands - 7° 59' North 24° 53' West)

The underworld lair of Chief Paroxysmus has been exposed to the surface. Minions and inhabitants of his realm are already seeping out into the world to wreak havoc and feed. Adventurers enter through a huge sinkhole and work their way through twisting passageways, traveling past deformed shapes melted into the stone by the corrosive acids that ooze through the stone cracks and flow in the venomous river to reach the palace proper. The very air of the place is acrid and tainted, making exploration deadly.

As a daemon prince, Chief Paroxysmus has Molochs, Balrons, Arcane Daemons, Succubi and Chaos Daemons under his misshapen thumb. Other lethal creatures simply enjoy the ambiance of his realm and make their homes there. These creatures include: Plague Beast Lords, Plague Beasts, Plague Spawns, Slimes, Poison Elementals, Acid Elementals, and Earth Elementals.

Twisted Weald (Ilshenar - 13° 32' North 8° 55' East)

Once a pristine forest glen nestled amidst mountains, this area is now the tainted home of Dread Horn. Gnarled trees, stagnant pools of brackish water, huge spider webs, and thorny obstructions create a terrain ruled over by the influence of the blighted unicorn. Adventurers enter the dungeon by passing between a narrow gap in the bramble covered trees. Thorns bite into boots and entangle feet. Vast spider webs cling to players slowing their movement and drawing the attention of the arachnids who make this area their home.

Creatures that make this tortured landscape their homes include: Dire Wolves, Changelings, Whipping Vines, Quagmires, Bog Things, Boglings, Corpsers, Swamp Tentacles, Dread Spiders, Giant Spiders, and Giant Black Widows.

Blighted Grove (Trammel/Felucca - 1° 34' South 52° 6' West)

One of the oldest trees in existence, the ancient Yew that is tied to Lady Melisande is twisted and grotesque. Too powerful to die in the swampy ground, as the others of its kind have, its mighty roots draw upon blighted soil to live. The immense trunk and squat shape tilts dangerously, with tangled mud clotted roots exposed along an entire third of its perimeter. The tree leans precariously but endures, the poison of its needles and seeds bringing agonizing death to wildlife that wanders too near. Adventurers enter the blighted grove by passing under the exposed roots of the tree and work their way along the downed branches and the rotted out interior of the trunk. Every aspect of the Yew tree is poisonous and dangerous. Footing within the tree is precarious and with every fall and cut the character is exposed to another dose of the lethal poison.

Roosting in the revolting branches of the tree are hideous harpies. Changelings delight in tormenting characters, while Bog Things, Boglings, Corpsers, Whipping Vines, Swamp Tentacles, and Reapers are much in evidence. Giant serpents and monstrous hydras weave their way through branches and swampy ground. Enslaved and insane dryads and satyr serve Lady Melisande.

Bedlam (Malas - 21° 53' North 53° 9')

Once a prestigious academy for necromancers striving to enhance their craft, Bedlam is now the home of a monstrosity created by their grisly experiments. Most of the students have fled and the remaining instructors struggle to regain control of the school, with very little success. Outsiders are not welcome to assist without invitation; a dubious honor which must be earned. Characters enter through the main gatehouse of the fortified manor.

The usual undead can be found here: Bone Knights, Bone Magi, Patchwork Skeletons, Rotting Corpses and Gore Fiends. And, of course, the Monstrous Interred Grizzle and the necromancers that are striving to bring this creature back under control.

Prism of Light (Felucca/Trammel - 45° 52' North 173° 27' East)

Confused and trapped within crystalline caves, the shimmering effusion waits, fascinated with its own light and reflections in the bright clear water. Adventurers enter the dungeon magically through the assistance of a magical creature/NPC.

Other creatures of energy and light exist within the shimmering passageways, including Wisps, Dark Wisps, and Shadow Wisps. Surrounding the Shimmering Effusion are Fetid Essences, Corporeal Brumes, and Mantra Effervescences.

The Citadel (Tokuno - 75° 14' North 1° 49' East)

The Black Order has new leadership, unbeknownst to the majority of the elite guild of thieves and assassins. The Travesty, an ultimate doppelganger, has taken control and is now directing the actions of the membership for its own malign purposes. The base of operations for this incredibly dangerous secret society is a great fortress that is hidden from view through powerful illusionary magic. The entire place is riddled with traps, illusions, hidden areas, and secrets. The entrance to the dungeon is still somewhat of a mystery, but is said to involve a box of some sort that isn't always found in the same place.

Members of the brotherhood (powerful thieves, ninjas, assassins, and mages) and doppelgangers guard the Citadel and their leader.

Painted Caves (Felucca/Trammel - 120° 29' South 27° 29' East)

A series of small caves which interconnect with one another serve as the home of troglodytes and their domesticated pets. Gathering and meeting places are larger caverns with primitively decorated floors and walls. Living within the cave system are troglodytes, dogs, giant rats, rats, and black bears.

Labyrinth (Malas - 56° 36' North 28° 37' East)

An immense avalanche has revealed the existence of a previously inaccessible ancient structure. Through a winding gorge, players descend to the crumbling edifice built into the cliff wall. The mysterious building is covered in bas relief sculptures of terrifying men-beasts, with bull heads and powerful human torsos. The building is smaller than the exterior would suggest and exits into an immense courtyard, open to the sky and surrounded by other buildings to explore.

Portions of the ancient city are still inhabited by its founders, the minotaur. Meraktus, a powerful tormented minotaur (champion spawn) rules her people from the center of an ornate labyrinth. Scavengers and winged creatures have nests and dens in ruined portions of the city including: Scorpions, Air Elementals, Drakes, Chimaera, and a Phoenix.

Sanctuary (Felucca/Trammel - 0° 58' North 37° 3' West)

This makeshift town is the homes of elves (and others) that don't fit into mainstream elven society but share similar views and ethics with one another. A ragged camp of misfits and ethically challenged individuals, Sanctuary welcomes murderers with reckless abandon. Lethal encounters are common in and around the structures as housing is limited and the settlement operates on the basic assumption that taking what you want is the best approach to life. No one is ever safe in Sanctuary, but some of the most amazing tales are told there. Some are even true. Adventurers enter Sanctuary through a stockade entrance and quickly find themselves in terrain reminiscent of a giant garbage dump.

Inhabitants of the town are varied and can include: elves and humans of various skills and professions, changelings, orcs, orc bombers, orc brutes, orc captains, orc choppers, orc scouts, orcish lords, orcish mages, doppelgangers, cyclopean warriors, efreeti, ettins, gargoyles, gargoyle destroyers, gargoyle enforcers, ogres, Ogre Lords, succubi, and trolls.

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