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Dungeons in the Lost Lands

Many of the following areas are not only dungeons, but connection points from Britannia to the Lost Lands that lie far beneath the surface of Sosaria.

Britain Sewers

Under Britain, the capital city of Britannia, exists a network of sewers. Infested with vermin of all sizes and with slime-covered bullfrogs, this area is a good hunting ground for a beginning adventurer.

Trinsic Passage Caves

The entrance to the caves lies far west and south of Trinsic. It has two exits; one near the city of Delucia and one near the Undead City. The cave itself contains all manner of fiery creatures, ranging from Fire Elementals to Hellcats to the amazingly powerful Phoenix.

Fire Dungeon

This place has no proper name. It is known as the Fire Dungeon by the river of lava the runs through the southern section, and for its fiery denizens. Those denizens include Lava Snakes, Hell Hounds, and the scorching Efreets. Efreets are said to occasionally possess rare armor that can be taken if they are slain. The area connects Serpent's Hold, near the western docks, to the lava pits in the southern desert north of Papua.

Ice Dungeon

Like the Fire Dungeon this dangerous ground has no proper name, but is simply known as the Ice Dungeon. A frigid cave network, it is filled with various types of cold creatures including Arctic Ogre Lords and Ice Fiends. The icy giant snakes found here are said to, on occasion, wither into glowing ice staves. You will also find a stronghold of the vermin Ratmen here. This passage connects a cave north of Wrong to the far northern area of the Lost Lands

Terathan Keep

The bastion of Terathan society and now a battle ground between the Terathan and Ophidian societies. The dungeon beneath the keep houses Dragons, Drakes and Balrons. It is rumored that you can also reach at secret place from within the depths of this dungeon.


A recently discovered tomb to the east of Delucia, the Sanctum of the Khaldun is perhaps a place that would have been best left undiscovered. Within the walls of this tomb wait creatures that exist nowhere else in world. A strange curse laid upon this place trapped the original party of adventurers who unearthed the place many years ago. It has been reported that if you murder another adventurer in this place that his vengeful spirit may rise up and smite you. All in all, this place bears a simple warning: do not venture here alone.

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