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Shrines of Britannia
I have had perhaps the worst week of my life, although the expression seems incongruous. I knew it was eventually to happen. The teachers back in Trinsic warn us all of its inevitability, and our spiritual advisors do their best to prepare us. Still it was quite a shock to look down and see the broad blade of a villain's battle axe buried deeply - far too deeply - in my chest. It was a strange sensation, I can attest. There was great pain, though I could not cry out. There was some surprise, and some disbelief. Mostly there was dismay that I had failed in my quest. My failure seemed palpable, like a vast black chasm opening before my eyes, and when the rogue wrenched his weapon from my body, I seemed to fall forward into the chill darkness.

I have never died before. I do not recommend it. It seemed for a moment as though I were absorbed by everything in the universe ... and the universe is not a pleasant place in its totality.

It is difficult to explain, but it seemed almost that time was traveling sideways. Then I had a sensation of coalescence, and regained a more normal outlook on the world. I looked down upon my prostrate form and knew I was dead. Thereupon I began my search for a shrine.

When I was alive, shrines seemed to be everywhere, nestled in and near cities, carved with the image of an ankh. While searching for one, however, they seemed few and distant. When I finally completed my incorporeal journey and touched the magical site, I was restored to a physical form ... although as weak as a day-old lamb. It is a point of mild interest that I do not know if I was returned to my original body, magically healed, or whether an identical one was created around my spirit.

But now I must leave off writing and seek the healing balm of sleep, that I may redress the harm that was done when I was so rudely torn from my quest.

Your friend,

There are nine Shrines in Britannia. Here is a list of all the Shrines and their sextant coordinates (degrees, minutes, direction):
Chaos - 66° 33'N, 9° 29'E
Compassion - 65° 49'N, 37° 37'E
Honesty - 93° 9'N, 156° 57'W
Honor - 167° 15'S, 28° 15'E
Humility - 177° 49'N, 152° 31'W
Justice - 87° 5'N, 1° 37'W
Sacrifice - 117° 14'N, 142° 48'E
Spirituality - 76° 1'S, 19° 7'E
Valor - 157° 20'N, 82° 7'E
The Shrines are located in the same spots on both Trammel and Felucca.

If you are visiting the shrines and wish to speak the mantras, you can refer to the following list:
Compassion - mu
Honesty - ahm
Honor - summ
Humility - lum
Justice - beh
Sacrifice - cah
Spirituality - om
Valor - ra
To meditate at the shrine of Spirituality, you must say "om om om" all on one line.

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