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Shop Information: Arms & Armor

Whether preparing yourself for a dangerous journey into the depths of the dungeon Covetous, or gearing up for battle against a hated foe, you'll want to visit an Armorer's shop before you leave the city. Armorers sell all types of armor, from comfortable leather to sturdy plate - fit to protect you from a creature's claw or a warrior's sword.

  • Armorer (Armor, Shields)

If you can stand the oppressive heat and putrid black smoke common in almost all Blacksmith Shops throughout the realm, you'll be treated to the wide variety of arms and armor that a good Blacksmith can provide. Where an Armorer trades solely in armor and shields, a Blacksmith pounds metal into weapons of all kinds as well.

Blacksmith shops are also well known as places where folk gather to hammer out their own weapons and armor while swapping stories and chatting it up.

If you think you're ready to try your hand at smelting ore and crafting ingots into finished goods, you can always find a forge and anvil at a Blacksmith's shop, to use free of charge.

  • Blacksmith (Armor, Ingots, Weapons)
  • Blacksmith Guildmaster (Join Guild)

A Bowyer's shop is certain to have fine hand-crafted bows and crossbows available for purchasing, in addition to arrows and bolts for ammunition. Or, if you're ready to craft your own arrows and bolts, any Bowyer is sure to have feathers and shafts in stock.

Several Bowyer shops also have archery buttes available inside the shop or on an archery range nearby, so you can begin practicing your Archery skills on a target before you head out to slay an Orc or Dragon!

  • Bowyer (Arrows, Bolts, Bows, Crossbows, Feathers, Shafts)

Where an Armorer deals solely in protective gear, a Weaponsmith stocks only tools of battle and destruction. If you've need of a gigantic bardiche, or a finely crafted scimitar - or any other melee weapon known in the realm - you'll want to head straight to a Weaponsmith to spend your hard earned gold.

  • Weaponsmith (Weapons)

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