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Shop Information: Civic & Common

After a hard day's adventuring, or hours spent working your chosen craft, you may find yourself with too much gold, or too many weapons or finished goods to store in your backpack. If you're ever overburdened with treasure or keepsakes, you'll want to visit your local bank to drop some items off.

Town Banks are also known to be crowded with people chatting it up or attempting to sell their goods and items, so you may be able to pick up a good deal while you're depositing an important item in your personal vault.

  • Banker, Minter (Bank Access)

Several towns in Britannia have permanent Barracks for the town guard or a Warriors' Guild stationed there. The Barracks function as both home and post for the busy city guards in major metropolitan centers. Trinsic's Barracks are also often used by the famous Trinsic Paladins, defenders of Honor throughout the realm.


Cemeteries are usually found on the outskirts of any major town in Britannia. A final resting place for the friends and family of the permanent residents of a city, the cemeteries are usually well looked after by those left behind.

Tragically, evil sorcerers and vile liches have often been known to use their dark magics to stir up the dead and have them do their bidding, turning a town's cemetery from a peaceful place of eternal slumber into a truly dangerous place to visit!

Be sure to walk softly and carry a heavy sword whenever visiting the local cemetery, just to be on the safe side.

City Gate

A few of the more fortified cities of Britannia have large towers and gates blocking off entrance to the city proper. At any of these major city gates, you're sure to find guards patrolling the area, on the lookout for vile Murderers or Criminals with warrants on their heads.


Coastal cities will have sectioned off an area of town for the various warehouses, shipwrights, and docks that provide safe harbor for incoming ships of trade. The stink of fish and seawater are a quick clue that a shipwright or fishing guild might be around, whether you find yourself at the relatively small dock in Papua or the expansive harbor section of the port city of Britain.

Guard Post

In your travels throughout the major cities of Britannia, you'll sometimes notice guard posts set up at various locations, patrolled by city guards who are ready to keep the peace in the crowded shops and streets of a busy metropolis such as Britain, or a cloistered village community like Cove.


Libraries stand as temples of knowledge in a tumultuous wasteland of battle and destruction. It's all fine and dandy to travel the world battling gruesome beasts and amassing a fortune in treasure - but who's going to remember you when you're gone, if no record of your valiant deeds is kept? While Britannia's major libraries are always filled with historical records, treatises on flora, fauna, and major political movements, most libraries also harbor a section of fantastical epics and humorous tales for the commoner as well.

If you ever have time to settle down after yet another day of heroic deeds or meticulous crafting, perhaps you'll purchase a blank book from one of the Library's scribes and write up a tale of your own!

  • Scribe (Blank Scroll, Book, Pen and Ink)

While the stench of the stables on a hot day may not always be pleasant, the animal trainer within is ready to sell you the pet or steed that you need. Both adventurers and craftsmen alike can benefit from the speed provided by a good riding horse, or the extra carrying capacity a pack horse can supply.

If you already have a tamed pet under your control, you can also come to the animal trainer to stable your cat, dog, horse, or any other creature for the night - even a pet dragon can find a place to rest in a town's stable!

  • Animal Trainer (Animals, Horses, Llamas, Pack Horses, Pack Llamas, Stable Access)

Some of the larger cities of Britannia are home to vast warehouses where goods and supplies are stored by the city's merchants or the tireless tradeships that sail from port to port. While you might find a few people wandering around a warehouse building, you'll need to head to a proper Shop to purchase your wares, as these buildings are for city storage only.

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