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Music Hall

Though the city of Britain houses the single largest Music Hall in its Great Conservatory of Music, other townships throughout the realm can provide for a night's entertainment or training by a Bardic Guildmaster if you can find a music hall within the city limits. Wherever the lilting melodies of a harp or lute are heard, or the beating of a mighty drum courses through the city streets, a music hall is sure to be found.

  • Bardic Guildmaster (Join Guild)

Britain's "King's Men Theatre" is home to the greatest actors in the realm, who strut across the stage reciting poetry and prose alike, but several other cities, most notably the island city of Nujel'm, are home to theatres as well. Many a celebrated drama was first staged at the King's Men Theatre, but even the lesser-known Performing Arts Center in Jhelom has been the source of some of the realm's most renowned productions and enduring comedic masterpieces.

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