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Shop Information: Food & Provisions

Whether you have a particular sweet tooth and are in search of pies and cakes, or you're preparing for a long and dangerous journey and need some hard-tack bread in your pack, a Bakery should be the first place you head.

Nothing can quite compare to the aroma of freshly baked bread in the morning, and the merchants of the realm realized this long ago - it is therefore quite rare to find a city that does not have a fully stocked Bakery within its limits.

  • Baker (Baked Goods, Flour, Honey)

Butchers are the staple of the realm, providing both cooked and rare meats to peasants, merchants, craftsman, and adventurers alike. If you've a hungry pet bear, or an empty stomach yourself, you'll want to head to the Butcher to purchase a supply of raw ribs, bacon strips, or sausage. While there is little difference between most of the realm's butcher shops, one butchery, Yew's Finest Cuts in the forest city of Yew, is known for the tastiest tidbits and the superlative quality of the meat's preparation. If you ever find yourself in the Yew area, it would be a mistake to pass it by.

  • Butcher (Meat, Knives, Raw Meat)

Though most farmers are known for toughing it out on their own rural farms, growing and harvesting crops, tending sheep, and milking cows, you may also find farms on the edges of major towns, or a farmer at work in a city shop. Wherever you find them, farmers are sure to have fruits and vegetables for your own enjoyment and for keeping your horse healthy and at full stamina.

Ranchers who work a farm of their own may also be able to sell you a pack horse if their stables are already full.

  • Farmer (Fruits, Hay, Milk, Vegetables)
  • Rancher (Pack Horse)

The Provisioner's shop is the place to go for almost all of your basic needs, whether you need a bit of food for a short trip, a bedroll for those long nights camping in the woods, a few torches to light your way in a dank dungeon, or a game to while away the hours with a friend.

Many warriors and mages head to the Provisioner's to sell the weapons and armor they discover while adventuring, so while you're looking for a backpack in the Provisioner's inventory, you may stumble upon a sword and helm as well!

Most Provisioner's shops also have a Cobbler and Map Maker roaming the floors of the shop, so you can pick up a new pair of boots or a map of the Yew area while you're at it. There are even a few Provisioner's shops that have a Shipwright on staff who can sell you a ship of your own, if you're ready to sail the seas of Britannia, battling sea serpents or simply fishing the deep waters of the world.

  • Cobbler (Boots, Sandals, Shoes)
  • Map Maker (Blank Maps, Maps)
  • Provisioner (Arrows, Bags, Bedrolls, Bolts, Books, Candles, Deeds, Drinks, Food, Games, Hair Dye, Hats, Lanterns, Packs, Torches)
  • Shipwright (Ship Deeds, Spyglass)

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