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Bards' Guild (Bardic Collegium)

The Bardic Collegium is undoubtedly the longest standing Guild in Britannian society. The Bardic tradition hails back to simpler times, when the majority of records were kept through an oral history of songs, poems, and epic tales. Though in days past, minstrels were only loosely connected through their shared love of music and travel - or at best as a company of players - the Bardic Collegium has risen as an official association of playwrights, poets, and musicians. While the Bards of the realm are still tasked with the recitation of sagas and legends from ages past, the Collegium has made more room for original works of fantasy and fiction, both dramatic and comedic, to be considered "classic" lessons in recent decades.

Blacksmiths' Guild (Fellowship Of Blacksmiths)

The Fellowship of Blacksmiths is a brotherhood of smoke and iron. All prospective craftsmen are brought into the guild as Apprentices under a Craftsmaster, where they learn the balancing lessons of strength, durability, and ornamentation. Indoctrination into the guild proper is a long and grueling process, where an Apprentice can be sure of spending hours upon hours bent over a blazing forge, crafting simple ingot blocks and tools before moving up to the level of arms and armor.

Once a Craftsmaster has guided his pupil through the basic works, the Apprentice is tasked with forging his Masterwork: a unique and awe-inspiring weapon or set of armor of his own design, which will ensure his place in the pages of the Fellowship's Masterwork Records.

Healers' Guild (Guild Of Healers)

The Guild of Healers' sole dedication is to preserving the life and limb of any unfortunate soul that comes to them in need. No other Guild gives so much of themselves to the greater cause, as their members spend countless days and nights tending to the sick, the wounded, and those spirits that have been separated from flesh through the agony of death.

There is no doubt that a member of the Healer's Guild has most likely seen more blood and loss of human life than any creature in Britannia - but they strive daily, through mundane and magical means, to stay the tide of bloodshed in this world.

Fishermen's Guild (Maritime Guild)

A varied association of shipbuilders, sailors, merchantmen and true fishermen, the Maritime Guild, or Fisherman's Guild, is truly a world unto themselves. Their various tenets and regulations help ensure that sea trade runs smoothly, that port authorities work in union with each other, and that no inlet, bay, or cove is "fished out" or overworked.

In every port city around the world, members of the Maritime Guild watch over docking and trade, ensuring that harbor traffic runs smoothly and the threat of pirate attacks is kept at a minimum.

The sailor's life is not for everyone, but for those who brave the violent seas of Britannia, the Maritime guild stands as a stalwart ally in voyages of trade and commerce as well as pure, unfettered exploration.

Mages' Guild (Guild Of Arcane Arts)

The Guild of Arcane Arts is an ancient sect of mages, alchemists, and scribes bound by the tenets of proper magic use throughout the realm. Though it is rumored that the Guild harbors dark and hideous secrets within its Inner Circles, for all outward appearances the Guild of Arcane Arts is an institution of learned men and women given to the cause of preserving both the proper methods of use as well as the virtuous aspects of magic and alchemy in the world at large.

Merchants' Guild (Merchants' Association)

The Merchant's guild is a collective union of tradesman, bankers, and the true merchant class of Britannia. All forms of trade, bartering, and tithing are first approved by the Merchant's Guild before being set before Lord British's advisors. The Master Tradesmen of the Merchant's Guild also work closely with the Lord's Advisors in matters of economic progress, trade disputes, and overall pricing of goods and services throughout the realm.

Miners' Guild (Mining Cooperative)

The Miner's Guild is a true cooperative effort of all types of craftsmen involved in the extraction of raw material from the land and its refinement into pure material ready for use by the Blacksmiths of the world. From mine foremen and smelters to pickworkers and ore haulers, the Miner's Guild is there to hear all concerns and settle all disputes with a collective meeting of minds in an open atmosphere of trust.

Mine workers and crafters have perhaps the closest sense of brotherhood prevalent in any of the major Guilds, as they rely upon each other every day in the dangerous atmosphere of the various mines throughout Britannia.

Rangers' Guild (League Of Rangers)

The League of Rangers is a loose collection of woodsmen, scouts, trackers, and hunters brought together out of their mutual respect for nature and their desire to preserve the beauty of Britannia's natural environment in the face of urban expansion.

Regular, formal meetings of the Ranger's Guild are rare, as the Guild's membership is made up of folk more apt to watch the progress of a herd of deer or a mountain stream than take up conversation with another human being. Rangers, however, by their very nature, are always able to search out their Guildbrothers wherever they may be if an issue of importance arises that needs the Guild's attention.

Tailors' Guild (Society Of Clothiers)

The Society of Clothiers is a curious combination of teaching guild and fashion magnate.

On the one hand, the Society of Clothiers works much like the Blacksmith's Guild, in terms of Masters taking on Apprentices and guiding them through the basic lessons until they're ready for their Masterwork Design. On the other hand, while the Society teaches both leather crafting and fine needlepoint work, they also set the trends of modern Britannian formalwear throughout the seasons.

Any wealthy merchant or member of the ruling class in need of regalia or elegant formalwear will undoubtedly head to the Masterweavers of the Society of Clothiers for the latest and greatest in Britannian finery.

Thieves' Guild (Society of Thieves)

The Thieves' Guild exists in this day and age as something of a clandestine society, accessed only through code words, double-speak, and secret signals. While a few of the Guild's practices have become officially sanctioned by the ruling class, the guild as a whole exists on somewhat shaky ground. Rogues and thieves, by their very nature, can never be fully trusted, but the Thieves' Guild exists as something of a "brotherhood of distrust" between practitioners of the art, steeped in an atmosphere of backstabbing, double-dealing, and general mayhem.

Tinkers' Guild (Order Of Engineers)

The Order of Engineers, based out of the architectural marvel that is the city of Trinsic, is made up of folk obsessed with gidgets, gadgets, springs, gears, and coils. Though labeled the Tinker's guild, architects and sculptors also make up a large part of the Order, as the Guild stands as the premier center of design and construction on any scale.

For those tinkers with a slightly roguish bent, the Order of Engineers also fully supports and sponsors work done with the trigger and spring devices used in the creation of trapped chests.

Warriors' Guild

The Warriors' Guild is an institution committed to the perfection of the art of combat in Britannia. The warriors live to better themselves in the use of any and all weapons, armor and shields as well as methods of unarmed combat.

Members of the Warriors' Guild can commonly be found in one of their many guildhalls, which can be found by the sounds of sparring that echo throughout the city. It is here that young fighters can begin an apprenticeship with a seasoned veteran of battle and learn the ways of combat. Although many stereotype the warriors as physical brutes, a great deal of their study is academic and does not involve striking each other on the head with a practice sword.

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