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Shop Information: Healing

If that last battle with a dragon didn't go so well and you're currently wandering the world as a ghost, you'll want to head to one of Britannia's fine Healers to get your spirit and body sewn together once again.

As part and parcel of their trade, Healers will usually have a good supply of bandages in stock, or lesser healing potions to help you stay alive a little longer the next time you head into combat.

Though every city has a Healer's Shop where you can be certain a healer is ready to Resurrect you and get you on your way again, there are also many healers that wander through the forests and grasslands of Britannia assisting fallen warriors in need.

  • Healer (Bandages, Potions, Reagents, Resurrection)
  • Healer Guildmaster (Join Guild)

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