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Shop Information: Magic
Alchemy Shop

An Alchemy shop is the place to find all the various potions known throughout the realm, if you can manage to navigate your way through all the bubbling brews and hanging reagents in order to get the attention of the Alchemist behind the counter.

Whether you're looking to restock your supply of healing potions, or trying to get your hands on a couple purple potions to send the local tribe of orcs scattering, you'll want to head to the Alchemist shop with a fair amount of gold, as alchemical concoctions don't come cheap.

  • Alchemist (Bottles, Mortar and Pestle, Potions, Reagents)
  • Herbalist (Bottles, Mortar and Pestle, Reagents)
  • Hair Stylist (Hair style change, Facial hair change, Hair dye, Facial dye, Special hair dye, Special facial dye)
Herbalist (Reagent Shop)

Herbalists specialize in the selling of those rare natural reagents used in casting powerful magic spells and concocting bubbling magic brews. If you aspire to become the next great and powerful mage or alchemist in the realm, you'll be spending a lot of time haggling with the Herbalist over your stock of mandrake root or nightshade.

The vile stench of sulphurous ash and the overpowering aroma of fresh garlic may send you on your way after a while, but be sure that you've stocked up on all the reagents you need before you dash out the Herbalist's door.

  • Herbalist (Bottles, Mortar and Pestle, Reagents)
Mage Shop

Mage shops are undoubtedly strange and curious places, often filled with hunch-backed sorcerers poring over dog-eared, ancient manuscripts and musty old tomes. But if you're in need of a particular scroll or a blank spellbook with which to start your career as a powerful mage, a mage shop is surely the place to go.

If you can stand the stuffy atmosphere and manage to make your way through the shop without knocking over a pile of books or the owner's favorite crystal ball, you may also purchase reagents at mage shops, whether through a Mage shopkeep, or an Herbalist kept on staff.

  • Herbalist (Bottles, Mortar and Pestle, Reagents)
  • Mage (Magical Wizard's Hat, Reagents, Scrolls, Spellbook, Wands)
  • Mage Guildmaster (Join Guild)

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