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Shop Information: Misc. Shops

What would the world be without art? While Britain boasts the great Conservatory of Music and the King's Men Theatre, several cities stand as cornerstones of different artistic endeavors. Minoc is undoubtedly the home of stonecarving and general stonework, but even within the merchant-cluttered port city of Vesper one may find an artist or two standing before his easel, paints in hand, perhaps creating Britannia's next great masterpiece.


Beekeeping is dangerous work, but those few who practice the craft reap delectable rewards! Once the peaceful town of Skara Brae was known as the pinnacle of beekeeping, its lush forests filled with the constant hum of busy bees. But economic progress and a general rise in the area's population forced the city to rebuild "The Honey Pot" Beekeeper's Shop into the Skara Brae Bank.

In this regard, the city of Vesper once again shows its unique capacity for all things and all practices, retaining the only true Beekeeper's shop in all of Britannia.

  • Beekeeper (Beeswax, Honey)
Carpenter (Woodworking)

The modern Britannian Carpenter's shop has become a building given over to both the artistic endeavors of woodworking and craftsmanship, as well as the business aspects of real estate brokerage and land deals.

If you're looking to make your name crafting ornate furniture, sturdy chests, or exquisite musical instruments, then a Carpenter's shop is the place to go in search of tools and supplies. If you're not yet ready to start crafting your own furniture, the Carpenter's shop also has many finished items you can purchase to decorate your home.

And speaking of homes, in this day and age even a Carpenter's shop filled to capacity with boards and tools, with a floor covered in discarded wood shavings and rusted nails, will undoubtedly have an Architect on staff selling House Deeds.

If you're a stalwart warrior or powerful mage looking to settle down in a house you can call your own, an Architect can sell you a Deed to one of several styles of house or castle that you can take with you in search of just the right spot to spend your future.

Or if you've decided to sell your house and want to trade in your House Deed for gold, a Real Estate Broker is always ready to appraise your deed and buy it back from you at a flat rate.

  • Architect (House Deeds, Land Surveying Tool)
  • Carpenter (Boards, Carpentry Tools, Musical Instruments)
  • Real Estate Broker (Blank Scroll, Buys House Deeds, Pen and Ink)

If you've a taste for fresh fish, or are looking for lessons in catching some of your own, a Fisherman's shop is the place to go. Though the reek of raw fish and seawater usually abound inside such establishments, you'll need to settle your stomach in order to purchase fresh fish steaks, whole fish, or a fishing pole of your own. The port city of Vesper is renowned for its fishing trade, though the City of Honor, Trinsic, also does a great deal of sea trade, including fresh fish by the boatload.

If you can find a shipwright hanging around one of the many Fisherman's shops throughout the realm, you may even be able to purchase a ship deed and sail the waters of Britannia's great oceans instead of stabling up inside of fish stalls for the rest of your life.

  • Fisher (Fish, Fishing Pole, Raw Fish Steaks)
  • Fisherman Guildmaster (Join Guild)
  • Shipwright (Ship Deeds, Spyglass)

Any citizen of Britannia in search of fine jewels and baubles would be wise to seek out the local Jeweler if they haven't the mettle to find their own treasures in the dark, cavernous dungeons of the land. Jewelers trade in both raw, uncut gems as well as handcrafted jewelry, from rings and bracelets to exquisite necklaces.

If you're looking to keep in touch with your friends and companions far across the breadth of Britannia's lands, you may also wish to purchase Communication Crystals from a Jeweler. These magical devices, charged with power from rare gems and sorcery, allow even those untrained in magic to speak to each other over great distances.

  • Jeweler (Communication Crystals, Gems, Jewelry)

Ah, the life of the sea! If you've ever dreamed of sailing across Britannia's expansive oceans, fishing up sunken treasure or battling gargantuan sea serpents - or even dabbling in a bit of piracy - then you'd best make your way straight to a Shipwright's shop!

A Shipwright can sell you a deed to your very own ship, which you can set to sailing at any city dock or bit of shoreline - and once on board, the world is yours! Forget moongates and recall runes; they're not for someone with a true lust for travel. Set sail as captain of your own ship, traveling from Minoc to Moonglow the old fashioned way, right across the chaotic waves of Britannia's seas, braving pirate ships, storms, and sea serpents to reach a foreign shore!

  • Fisher (Fish, Fishing Pole, Raw Fish Steaks)
  • Fisherman Guildmaster (Join Guild)
  • Shipwright (Ship Deeds, Spyglass)

The Tanner's Shop is your source for all types of hides and leather material, as well as finished leather goods. If you're on the lookout for a full set of leather armor, you may want to dodge the traffic at the local Armorer and head over to the Tanner's instead.

While you can find pre-cut leather at the Tanner's shop ready for fashioning into leather goods, you can also stop by the Tanner's on your way back into the heart of the city, in order to sell the raw hides that you've skinned from various forest animals or carnivorous creatures.

  • Tanner (Bags, Leather (cut), Leather Armor, Skinning Knife)
  • Fur Trader (Leather (hides))
Tailor (Clothier)

If you're on the lookout for the latest and greatest in Britannian fashion, be sure to stop by the local Tailor's shop. Any respectable Tailor's shop will have a huge assortment of clothes, from fancy dresses and pants, to fashionable hats and accessories.

Aspiring tailors can also come to the Tailor's shop to purchase cloth by the bolt or the tools of the trade. All tailor shops in Britannia have public spinning wheels and looms available for tailors to use in training or perfecting their craft. And if you're tired of wearing the same old colors come spring or fall, you can purchase a dye tub and a set of dyes in order to color your clothes any of hundreds of possible combinations - to make sure that you stand out from the bustling crowd on the streets of your home town.

  • Tailor (Cloth, Clothes, Cotton, Dyes, Dye Tub, Flax, Hats, Scissors, Sewing Kit, Thread, Wool)
  • Weaver (Cloth, Dyes, Dye Tub, Scissors, Yarn)
  • Tailor Guildmaster (Join Guild)

A Tinker's Shop is usually filled with a curious cacophony of ticking clocks, clanking gears, and sproinging springs. Tinkers sell a variety of gidgets and gadgets for the aspiring tinker to piece together, as well as finished products for common folk in search of just the right gift.

Perhaps you're looking for a clock to adorn your mantelpiece, a musical instrument to strum, or a sextant to help you find your location within the world? The Tinker's Shop will have them all.

  • Tinker (Boards, Clocks, Gears, Ingots, Keys (blank), Musical Instruments, Sextants, Tinker Tools, Tools (all types))
  • Tinker Guildmaster (Join Guild)

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