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Shop Information: Taverns/Inns & Traveler's A

After a long, hard day of exploring treacherous dungeons, casting breathtaking magical spells, or fastidiously crafting your wares, any sane person would like a good hot meal and a full night's sleep in a comfortable bed. If you don't own a house of your own, or you don't have the energy to travel any more, an Inn is the place to go.

Almost every city in the realm has some sort of lodging place where you can shut yourself up in a room and sleep peacefully in the knowledge that you're safe from harm's way. Dozing off in an Inn ensures that no curious critter or conniving thief can sneak up on you while you're caught off guard.

Additionally, you can purchase a hearty meal and a bottle of ale from the Innkeeper before heading off to slumberland for the night, or in preparation for your next great journey when you get out of bed in the morning.

  • Innkeeper (Bags, Contracts of Employment (Vendor Deed), Drinks (all types), Food (all types), Games, Packs, Torches)

Taverns are the social centers of Britannia - where else can you find a wise and powerful mage, a deviously skillful thief, a battle-scarred warrior, and a rich and illustrious craftsman all sitting down at the same table sharing a pint of ale?

Not only are Taverns a great place to relax after a breathtaking adventure, they're a great location to meet people, leave a message on the local bulletin board, or just sit and chat with your friends over some hot soup and a loaf of fresh baked bread.

Local bards are also known to frequent taverns attempting to tease a gold coin or two out of a patron's purse by singing a jaunty tune or reciting an epic tale of adventure. Any aspiring bard would do well to frequent the taverns of Britannia to perform his songs and share his stories with an audience.

  • Cook (Food)
  • Tavernkeeper (Contracts of Employment (Vendor Deed), Drinks, Food, Games)
  • Waiter (Drinks, Food)

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