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The Facets: Trammel, Felucca, and Ilshenar

Each shard, being a broken piece of the Gem of Immortality, contains multiple facets, or faces. When the Wizard Mondain was slain, his apprentice, the Enchantress Minax, escaped the Avatar by using a powerful spell that transported her to a different facet of the same shard. From here she planned her revenge, seeking a way to travel back to the original facet from whence she escaped and destroy both Lord British and the Avatar.

This forced Lord British to use all his available resources and powers to move his people and loyal followers to a new facet of the shard, where the Virtues block Minax herself from attacking him directly. Unfortunately, evil still lurks in Lord British's new home, but because the Virtues hold sway over the new lands, players have found themselves unable to be harmed by Minax's minions, or to harm each other by direct or indirect means.

Two Similar Worlds: Trammel and Felucca

Minax holds complete dominion over Felucca, the facet that Lord British was forced to abandon. The Trammel and Felucca facets themselves are identical, but on the Felucca facet, players are still able to harm each other, while on the Trammel facet, players are safe from violence from other players.


With the release of Ultima Online: Third Dawn, a new facet was found in Sosaria. Very little is known regarding this new wilderness except that many of its creatures are quite magical in nature. Ilshenar, much like Trammel, protects players from being attacked or stolen from by other players.


Floating within a dark sea of stars, Malas is a broken facet, wracked by great tremors that constantly threaten the stability of its continents. Its origin is a mystery, and its future inscrutable, but what is known is that this facet is unlike any other. Three great sections of land-one of which is already in the process of crumbling into smaller islands-are connected by bridges, and in between them lays a vast abyss of nothingness. And yet, despite this unstable environment, life has flourished in the Dark Facet; creatures of all types call Malas home, and even humans have forged lives there.

The Tokuno Islands

When Mondain shattered the Gem of Immortality it did not, as was previously believed, destroy the Land of the Feudal Lords. Rather, the continent collided with another land, creating a time rip that would have lasting repercussions. The survivors on the part of the Land of the Feudal Lords that would become the Tokuno Islands used their magic to protect their lands from outsiders. The Tokuno Islands are a world wholly separate from that of Britannia. Full of strange creatures and people and customs, the islands are as mysterious as they are beautiful.

Which One Is For You?

Despite the struggle between Minax and Lord British, the Felucca facet is not a realm of pure evil, nor are the other facets lands of absolute goodness. The character of Ultima Online is determined by the people who inhabit it. Thus, each facet will have its own strong and weak points, depending on the style of play you prefer.

Advantages Of The Felucca Facet

The Felucca facet is little different from the original Ultima Online that has been played by hundreds of thousands of players for years. Many players prefer the added flexibility and challenge of a game world that allows players to attack and fight one another. Crafters may choose to risk travel to Felucca in order to harvest the greatly increased resources - ore, lumber, animal hides, meat, and wool are among the resources that can be found in twice the quantity as in the safer facets.

The Felucca facet also features a system of four player factions that can form alliances or go to war with one another, allowing for large scale player battles. Factions will largely be controlled by their members, and will therefore have varying goals and ideals. For more about factions, see the Factions section.

Advantages Of The Trammel-style Facets

On the other hand, many players prefer a game environment where you can't be killed by another player. Far from adding to the thrill of the experience, some players find that being killed by a player ruins the fun of the game for them. They find the challenge of developing their players' skills and working with other players toward common goals to be the fundamental reward of the game.

Discover Your Preference For Yourself

Although all new characters will start in New Haven on the Trammel facet, you can travel between the various worlds and choose the lands that appeal to you most by using moongates.

Moving Between the Facets

Along with spells like Recall and Gate, and the Paladin's special ability, Sacred Journey, moongates allow players to travel to other towns and facets. They appear as blue vortices and can be found near most large cities. It takes absolutely no skill or special ability to use them-you simply walk into one and a menu will pop up that lists the various facets and towns you can travel to.

Moongate Location
Britain Trammel/Felucca 32°46'S, 0°54'E
Jhelom Trammel/Felucca
171°18'N, 12°22'E
Magincia Trammel/Felucca
45°15'S, 157°30'E
Minoc Trammel/Felucca
81°54'N, 96°53'E
Moonglow Trammel/Felucca
29°58'N, 138°57'W
Skara Brae Trammel/Felucca
38°56'S, 47°48'W
Trinsic Trammel/Felucca
116°22'S, 35°30'E
Yew Trammel/Felucca
76°38'N, 38°48'W
Haven Trammel
100°48'S, 171°33'E
Buccaneer's Den Felucca
53°36'S, 97°35'E
Chaos Shrine Ilshenar
123°34'N, 27°59'E
Compassion Shrine Ilshenar
101°41'N, 7°35'W
Honesty Shrine Ilshenar
22°40'N, 42°15'W
Honor Shrine Ilshenar
79°6'N, 40°42'W
Humility Shrine Ilshenar
53°26'N, 73°15'W
Justice Shrine Ilshenar
53°52'N, 23°37'W
Sacrifice Shrine Ilshenar
29°42'N, 10°28'W
Spirituality Shrine Ilshenar
24°57'N, 14°41'E
Valor Shrine Ilshenar
123°45'N, 55°53'W
Luna Malas 96°24'N, 21°35'W
Umbra Malas 20°55'N, 47°27'E
Isamu-Jima Tokuno 55°2'N, 10°49'W
Makoto-Jima Tokuno 36°55'N, 36°37'W
Homare-Jima Tokuno 87°33'N, 74°2'W

You can find a map of all Britannian moongates here, and you can find a map of all Ilshenar shrines here.

Bank Access

Items placed in the bank on any facet will be able to be accessed from the other facets.

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