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To disable targeting reticles, set a macro for the TogglereticleOn/Off action as shown below.

Targeting hostiles will not work properly until your shard has been published with Publish 40.
We've added a new reticle to the targeting system, as well as some macro functions to give you better flexibility in choose and interacting with a given target.

In your macros options menu, you'll find some new macros at the bottom of the list:

New Macros:
  • SelectNext - Selects the next mobile/item in range
  • SelectPrevious - Selects the previous mobile/item in range
  • SelectNearest - Selects the nearest mobile/item in range
  • AttackSelectedTarget - This will melee/range attack whatever you are targeting
  • UseSelectedTarget - This will use whatever you are targeting (great for opening hidden corpses)
  • CurrentTarget - This is used much like the current LastTarget function. For example, to cast a spell on your current target, you'd make a macro like this:
    • Use Spell Energy Bolt
    • WaitForTarg
    • CurrentTarget
  • TogglereticleOn/Off - Turns the targeting reticle on or off
Choosing what you want to target
For TargetNext, TargetPrevious and TargetNearest you can specify the type of target you want to select using the following options:

Target Types:
  • Hostile - only targets mobiles that are attacking you (note: this will only work on a Pub40 server
  • Party - only targets party members
  • Follower - only targets pets and summons
  • Object - only targets objects
  • Mobile - targets all moving creatures (monsters, beasts, npcs, players, etc)
  • To make a macro that cycled through all moving creatures on the screen, you'd choose TargetNext and specify Mobile.
  • To make a macro that selected the nearest player in your party, you'd choose TargetNearest and specify Party.
  • To attack the closest hostile to you, you'd choose TargetNearest, specify Party, and the choose AttackSelectedTarget.

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