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Locations and Spawn Types

There are six themed champion spawn groups. Each group is located in a specific area and is comprised of a particular group of creatures.

Area Type
Vermin Horde

Level 1: Slimes and Giant Rats
Level 2: Ratmen and Dire Wolves
Level 3: Ratman Shaman and Hell Hounds
Level 4: Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents

Unholy Terror
Level 1: Ghouls and Wraiths
Level 2: Skeletal Mages and Bone Knights
Level 3: Liches and Mummies
Level 4: Lich Lords and Rotting Corpses
Cold Blood
Level 1: Snakes and Lizardmen
Level 2: Ophidian Warriors and Lava Lizards
Level 3: Drakes and Ophidian Zealots
Level 4: Ophidian Avengers and Dragons
Fire Dungeon
Level 1: Mongbats and Imps
Level 2: Gargoyles and Harpies
Level 3: Stone Gargoyles and Fire Gargoyles
Level 4: Demons, and Succubi
Terathan Keep
Level 1: Giant Scorpions and Giant Spiders
Level 2: Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors
Level 3: Terathan Matriarchs and Dread Spiders
Level 4: Terathan Avengers and Poison Elementals

The Lost Lands
Area Type
East of Delucia
Forest Lord
Level 1: Shadow Wisps and Pixies
Level 2: Wisps and Ki-rin
Level 3: Unicorns and Centaurs
Level 4: Ethereal Warriors, and Serpentine Dragons
There are 11 additional locations spread throughout T2A
Rotating group*
(see above)

Area Type
Rotating group*
(see above)
Rotating group*
(see above)
Forest Lord
(see above)

* Rotating groups will never be of the Forest Lord type.

In Ilshenar, the champion areas are always active; while in Felucca there will be times when an area is completely empty. You will not be able to summon a Champion unless the area is active. However, there will always be at least one location active.

The type of champion spawn has no effect on the rewards given.

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