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The Altar and Skulls

At the heart of every Champion spawn is a dark grey altar, which acts as a timer. There are two sets of counters on the altar: an inner group of white skulls and an outer group of red skulls.

The white skulls determine how close you are to getting another red skull. They represent the percentage of monsters that have been killed (i.e. 1 white skull = 20%). There are five white skulls in all, though you will never see the fifth as it results in the addition of a red skull to the outer group instead.

The red skulls determine how close you are to summoning the Champion. There are 16 red skulls in all.

Each time you kill a certain number of minions, the altar will gain a white skull. With every 'fifth' white skull, a red skull will appear. Once the 16th red skull appears, the Champion will be summoned. However, even as the 'timer' can tick forward, it can also tick backward. You must kill a certain number of creatures within a specific amount of time, or you will start losing skulls.

Don't neglect weaker foes in favor of more powerful ones - killing the lesser creatures will advance the timer even if more powerful foes have already been summoned.


You'll notice that the light level within a certain radius of a Champion spawn may become darker. This is normal. The higher the level of the creature spawn, the darker it will get. Bring plenty of Night Sight potions and/or reagents!

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