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Champions and Titles

There are six themed groups, and each includes a 'Champion' creature that can only be summoned after you've successively defeated enough of its minions

Champion of the Vermin Horde: Barracoon the Piper

Barracoon is the master of the Vermin Horde and bane to those that seek the Skull of Greed. Beware this sly foe. An ordinary looking man in appearance, Barracoon controls legions of rats and ratmen. If an adventurer is not careful, they may find themselves lulled by the Piper's music and joining his rag-tag band of whiskered minions.

Champion of the Unholy Terror: Neira the Necromancer

A true lady of darkness, Neira rules over the undead. Wielding a blood-red scimitar and hidden beneath a night-hued shroud, she rides into battle atop a gruesome skeletal steed. Should you have the misfortune of encountering this malevolent mistress, beware the bones. And do not underestimate her for a moment. Many adventurers have lost their lives beneath the wicked hooves of her fleet-footed steed.

Champion of the Cold Blood: Rikktor

Colossal in form and quick to anger, Rikktor is a dragon like no other. What his slithering, cold-blooded minions cannot defeat, he surely can. A quick snap of his monstrous jaws and the slash of his frightening claws can make short work out of even the hardiest of adventurers. He is a force of nature -- even the earth itself trembles in his presence.

Champion of the Abyss: Semidar

Semidar, champion of the Abyss and ruler of winged demons, seeks the blood and death of those foolish enough to challenge her. As a creature of magic, she wields neither armor, nor weapon, but attacks with mystical energy. So attuned to sorcery is she, that those that attempt to use the mystic arts against her may find themselves weakened with surprise.

Champion of the Arachnid: Mephitis

Those that are squeamish around eight-legged creatures should stear clear of Mephitis, for she is an abomination of the arachnid kind. Like any other black widow, she dances about on quick and nimble legs, but is twice as large and has an appetite to match. Avoid her spinners at all cost, or you may find yourself snagged within a sticky trap and served up as the main course at her dinner table.

Champion of Forest: Lord Oaks

Lord Oaks is the defender of the forest. He is quick to strike down those that threaten the harmony of his domain and the creatures under his protection.When attacked, the pixies of the forest will come to his aid, as will their queen, Silvani. Adventurers should beware: battling the forest lord can be physically and mentally draining. And those that do manage to defeat such a noble creature may find themselves feeling a little less karmic than usual.

Once you defeat a certain amount of creatures in the area, the next minion level will spawn and will be tougher than the last. There are four of these levels in all.

Champion Titles

By killing enough creatures in the Champion spawn and advancing through the creature levels, you can attain certain titles based on the type of spawn you've been fighting.

Champion Titles
Spawn Type
First Level
Second Level
Third Level
Vermin Horde
Adversary of the Vermin Horde Subjugator of the Vermin Horde Eradicator of the Vermin Horde
Unholy Terror
Scourge of the Unholy Terror Punisher of the Unholy Terror Nemesis of the Unholy Terror
Cold Blood
Blight of the Cold Blood Slayer of the Cold Blood Destroyer of the Cold Blood
Foe of the Abyss Assassin of the Abyss Conqueror of the Abyss
Bane of the Arachnid Killer of the Arachnid Vanquisher of the Arachnid
Forest Lord
Enemy of the Forest Lord Curse of the Forest Lord Slaughterer of the Forest Lord

These titles can and will decay, so you'll have to continue to fight Champion spawn creatures in order to keep them. The higher the level of your title, the longer it will last.

The titles will also override any profession title you may have. For instance, if you are a Grandmaster Healer that title will be replaced by the champion spawn title. So, instead of seeing "Grandmaster Healer," you would see "Bane of the Arachnid" on your paper doll. However, if you do not wish to display your champion spawn title, you can turn it off by choosing the "Toggle Monster Title" option available through your character's context menu (single-click on your character).

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