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The Harrower and Rewards

The Harrower is the Super Champion and can only be summoned in Felucca. In order to summon it, all six of the other spawn Champions must be defeated. Each time a Champion is defeated, they will leave behind a special item: a hued skull. The color and type of the skull depends on the Champion you slay.

Rikktor - Skull of Power (orange)
Lord Oaks - Skull of Enlightenment (white)
Mephitis - Skull of Venom (green)
Semidar - Skull of Pain (yellow)
Barracoon - Skull of Greed (blue)
Neira - Skull of Death (red)

Once you slay a Champion, you must take the hued skull through the dark moongate that will appear. The gate will lead to a 'star room' that contains an altar for each Champion. Once all six skulls have been placed on their respective altars, the Harrower will spawn in a random dungeon in Felucca, and another dark moongate, leading to that dungeon, will appear on the altar

You can attain new titles from defeating the Harrower:

Super Champion Titles
Defeated Harrower +
0 Champions
Spite of Evil
1 Champion
Opponent of Evil
2 Champions
Hunter of Evil
3 Champions
Venom of Evil
4 Champions
Executioner of Evil
5 Champions
Annihilator of Evil
6 Champions
Champion of Evil

But beware this creature, for it is twice the menace of any other Champion!


Aside from the items and gold that you can get from fallen creatures, the rewards from killing a Champion or the Harrower can certainly be worth all the effort put into completing the challenge.

Not only can you gain new titles, but in Felucca you can also be rewarded various Scrolls of Power by participating in fighting the Champion spawn - lesser scrolls to those that only fight the minions, while greater scrolls will be given to those that actually play a part in taking down the Champion itself.

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