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Joining a Faction
Players who join factions will be able to participate in the combat, politics, and trade within the faction system. Players can join factions by the following methods:

  • Non-guilded players that wish to join a faction will need to find the faction stone for that particular faction. The faction stones are located within the stronghold for that particular faction.
  • The player can double-click the faction stone, and select the "join" option that will appear, as long as the following conditions are met:
    • The player must not be in a different Faction with any other character on the same account. (Players can have multiple characters in the same faction, however.)
    • The player's account cannot be a "young" account (have young account status.)
    • Characters on "young" accounts cannot be invited to join a faction guild.
  • Only the guildmaster of a guild can use the "join" option on a faction stone for that guild. None of the other members will be able to join the faction alone unless they quit their respective guild.
  • When the guildmaster for a guild joins the faction, all players are added to the faction whether online or offline.
  • When the guildmaster attempts to join a faction, each member of that guild is checked.
    • If a particular member of the guild has another character elsewhere on that same account and same shard in a different faction, then that member will be removed from the guild attempting to join. This is to allow the guild to go ahead and join the faction without overlapping the system of one faction per account per shard.
    • The ejected guildmember can quit the faction his or her other character is in and re-join the guild they were ejected from if desired.
  • If a guildmember has "young" status, then they will be ejected from the guild upon the guild's joining of the faction system.
Characters who are not in a faction will not be able to perform beneficial acts (such as healing, curing, etc.) on non-criminal or murderer characters in a faction if the target has received lawful damage from another player. The status of being lawfully damaged by someone (on someone that is attacked) is cleared when they reach full health. For example, if Player A was in the Shadowlord faction and was attacked by player B in the Council of Mages faction, this is considered lawful damage and player A would have the "lawfully damaged by" status. Players outside of a faction will still be able to attack a character in a faction, but can receive a murder count if they do so (unless other systems allow this attack, such as guild wars).

Additionally, players not in a faction will not be able to enter the faction stronghold of any faction. This includes pets and hirelings of non-faction members. A sign-up stone will be available outside of the faction strongholds to allow players to sign up with that faction.

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