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Quitting a Faction
The act of quitting a faction has several restrictions. The most noteworthy is that the process takes at least three days to complete. This three-day restriction is designed to prevent "faction hopping" and help develop some reasonable sense of permanence within the factions. The specific rules for quitting a faction are described below:
  • Individual players are able to resign from a faction by resigning at the faction stone. The player will remain in the faction for three (3) days. After three days, the player will be removed upon the next login.
  • Players within a guild and part of a faction cannot individually resign from a faction unless they are the guildmaster. The alternative for guilded players is to resign from the guild itself, then undergo the standard individual faction resignation process above (which will complete after three days).
  • A guildmaster may resign his or her entire guild from the faction system. Upon doing this, all players in the guild will then remain within the faction for three more days. After three days, these guild members will be removed from the faction upon their next login.
  • During this three-day resignation process, players resigning from the faction will still be eligible to attacks from opposing faction members. A player within the three-day resignation process cannot use a faction stone to check faction information or to participate in faction votes.

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