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Faction Craftable Items
As described above, players who craft items and are in the faction system may use silver to imbue an item upon creation with faction properties.
  • After crafting an item, a faction player with available silver will receive a window asking if they wish to imbue the item with factional properties.
  • A faction item is named as such (i.e., a faction plate helm).
  • Faction items are temporarily enchanted for a period of 21 days (3 weeks) from the time they were crafted. During this three week period (real 3 weeks, not in-game time), the items will not be stealable and will remain with the player using these items upon death and resurrection. After 3 weeks, the enchantment effect wears off and the item will become a regular crafted item with no special faction properties.
  • Faction items gain a hue appropriate to the faction of the maker. The crafting player will be asked whether to hue the item with the faction's primary or secondary color.
  • Powder of Fortification cannot be used on Faction items.

    Faction Primary Color Secondary Color
    Minax Blood Red Black
    Council of Mages Blue Blue-white
    True Britannians Purple Gold
    Shadowlords Black Green

  • Faction items can be worn only by players in the faction, and only if they have sufficient rank to equip the item (see the chart above in regards to the rank system).
    • Rank 1: 4 items
    • Rank 2: 4 items
    • Rank 3: 4 items
    • Rank 4: 5 items
    • Rank 5: 5 items
    • Rank 6: 5 items
    • Rank 7: 6 items
    • Rank 8: 6 items
    • Rank 9: 7 items
    • Rank 10: 8 items
    • Commander: 9 items
Floor traps can be created by players in the faction system with the tinkering skill.

There will be four different types of floor traps. The types of floor traps are the Spike Trap, the Saw Trap, the Gas Trap, and the Explosion Trap. The traps' creation and function are as follows:
  • Spike Trap - 1000 silver, 50 ingots, 1 spring. Can be placed in a town the placer's faction controls.
  • Saw Trap - 1000 silver, 50 ingots, 1 gear. Can be placed in a town the placer's faction controls.
  • Gas Trap - 1000 silver, 10 ingots, 1 deadly poison potion. Can be placed in a faction stronghold.
  • Explosion Trap - 1000 silver, 10 ingots, 1 greater explosion potion. Can be placed in any faction town.
  • The faction member that wishes to create the trap must have at least 90 skill points in tinkering before they can create the trap.
  • A faction may have a maximum of 15 traps placed at any given time.
  • Traps can only be placed in faction-controllable cities or within faction strongholds.
  • Traps will only affect opposing faction members, not members within the same faction as the trap creator. The traps cannot be set to selectively ignore any other faction.
  • Traps will be visible for one full minute if someone in a faction uses the "detect hidden" skill on the trap. This will reveal the trap for one full minute globally, so that anyone within range can see the trap during that minute. This allows faction members using a trap they own to have the opportunity to show their fellow faction mates the location of the trap.
  • All faction members that are in the general vicinity of a trap created by the other factions get a display alerting them to a trap in the area. The faction members opposed to the trap's creator can then attempt to reveal the trap that may be in the area by using their detect hidden skill.
  • Traps can only be removed by opposing faction members through the use of the "remove trap" skill and the faction-trap removal tool. If the trap is not removed via this skill and tool, it will reset itself infinitely until removed.
  • Traps placed by one's own faction can only be removed by the faction commander. The Faction Commander is able to remove their own faction's trap without any skillcheck.
Faction tinkers are able to create a faction-trap removal tool. This tool will be necessary to remove faction traps set by enemy factions. The tool will function in the following manners:
  • The tool will appear within the tinker creation window, if the character is qualified and carrying the necessary materials to make the tool (500 silver pieces, master or greater tinkering skill, and 10 ingots).
  • The tool will have 25 uses, decreasing upon either success or failure to disarm the trap. The tool must be in the base level of the player's backpack to function.
In order to craft a Faction item other than a floor trap, the player doing the crafting must be in a town under the control of that Faction. He must also be in the appropriate shop that normally makes or sells those types of items.

Faction Players
  • Craftable Items
    • Armor (metal types): 1,000 silver
    • Armor (leather types): 750 silver
    • Weapons (melee): 1,000 silver
    • Weapons (archery types): 1,000 silver
    • Clothes: 200 silver
    • Scrolls: 500 silver
  • Items Purchased (from Faction NPC vendor)
    • Horse: 500 credits (must be rank 2 or higher to ride)

  • Town Improvements
    • Level 1 Guard: 5,000 silver
    • Level 2 Guard: 6,000 silver
    • Level 3 Guard: 7,000 silver
    • Level 4 Guard: 8,000 silver
    • Reagent Vendor: 5,000 silver
    • Ore Vendor: 3,000 silver
    • Wood Vendor: 3,000 silver
    • Horse Breeder: 5,000 silver
  • Craftable Items
    • Floor Traps (tinker crafted): 1,000 silver

Faction War Horses
A "Horse breeder" Sells war horses for that particular faction that purchased it. War horses have the following properties:
  • War horses are hued with their faction's color.
  • War horses cannot be ridden by players in opposing factions.
  • War horses have a high strength, dexterity, and natural higher fighting ability.

War horses have no rank requirement to ride them.

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